Another evidence appeared that the Kremlin is disposing of Belarus as it pleases and is using the Belarusian territory for its war against Ukraine.

The biggest manufacture of agricultural machinery not only in Belarus, but in the whole region, the concern Gomelselmash, instead of producing the peaceful machinery for harvesting, is repairing the Russian military machinery for the war in Ukraine today.

Actually, we are talking about such enterprise as Gomel Radio Plant. At the end of 2022 it became known that Gomel Radio Plant would be merged to the holding Gomelselmash. On January 10, 2023, the Gomel TV briefly announced that the merger had been carried out. The same news story mentioned that Gomelselmash is increasing production volumes «also thanks to Belarusian-Russian import substitution project». No specifics on the project were reported except for the following: «Sets of complex spare parts will be sent to our neighbour (Russia) that previously had been exported from other countries».

According to the official version, Gomelselmash needed the radio plant because of its additional production space and stuff that the holding needs. Currently, 164 people are working at Gomel Radio Plant; in the Soviet times their number amounted to 10 thousand workers.

However, Gomel Radio Plant is an interesting enterprise that reminds a guinea pig, which is neither guinea nor a pig. Founded in 1969, in Soviet times, Gomel Radio Plant was actually an enterprise that manufactured and repaired products for military purposes.

As the website of the enterprise says, the Gomel Radio Plant «carries out capital repairs of anti-aircraft missile, artillery and radar systems». It also produces packages of spare parts and accessories for gun-howitzer «Khitin», self-propelled howitzers «Akatsiya» and «Hyacinth-B» towed guns. Besides that, the plant also carries out capital repairs and modernization of S-300, Strela-10M, Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, radar stations «Nebo-U», Vasilek automatic mortars and other various military equipment.

It is also known, that since 2010, the enterprise has carried out repairs of armored vehicles, artillery systems, radar equipment, both for the Belarusian army and for different Eastern countries, including Syria and Livia.

Now, Gomel Radio Plant is repairing Russian military hardware damaged at the war in Ukraine. According to the mass media, the underground production areas of the radio plant are currently occupied by the military. «There are underground workshops, where only the military can enter, civilians are not allowed.  The military drive there on their machines and unaccompanied», says the interlocutor of Radio Svoboda.

It is also known that a secret «Belarusian-Russian project», clearly designed for warfare, is being implemented at the Gomel Radio Plant’s facilities. According to a lot of indirect data and cautious hints of the plant’s workers, the point at issue is production of components for Russian military equipment.

Anyway, now the main activity of the Gomel Radio Plant is repair of military hardware for Russian-Ukrainian war. According to the testimony of many people, working in Gomel, now employees of Gomelselmash are regularly sent to work at the Radio Plant to paint weapons and military machinery there. In addition, apparently, the production facilities of Gomelselmash, previously used for manufacturing agricultural machinery, are now used for military purposes. Not for the military purposes of Belarus, but for the army of an aggressor country, Russia.

In a nutshell, the holding Gomelselmash, initially a completely peaceful enterprise specialized in manufacturing of agricultural harvesting machines, now is working for the war, for Russian aggression against Ukraine, that has been condemned by the whole world.