On January, 21, the whole world celebrates international Hugging Day.

This year, Our House is celebrating it in an unconventional way: by making original hand-made souvenirs out of a faux fur coat of bright green color (in Belarus such faux fur is called «Cheburashka’s fur») together with children.

The research briefly conducted during a tea ceremony before cutting the fur coat failed to establish precisely which Cheburashka species had been wearing that bright-green fur, and the researchers started cutting it in pieces, sneezing loudly.

They said: «No, this skin needs to be worked with outdoors». When the dusty phase was over, they merrily started making plans how they will sew cozy soft pillows out of that fluffy coat, how they will fill them in with polyester batting which is sleeping in rolls in a corner for now waiting for its turn.

Cutting fur coats, knitting and cutting polyester batting is a great form of art therapy, especially when you observe and see how hugging pillows appear out of a pile of formless pieces and patches.

So, today, on the International Hugging Day, it gives so much comfort even to talk about an object that helps to feel safe and cozy. Many thanks to our irrepressible master, Nastia, who organized the activity.

During and after the process of cutting the fur coat, children were served sweets, and it turned out that they attract refugee children to our office even better that Cheburashkas.