This time, a 34-year-old young man, who had gone to Poland to escape repression in Belarus, committed suicide. In Poland, he got over COVID, lost his job, and was cheated several times by his employers. Shortly before committing suicide he had been forced to live in a house without heating or electricity.

It should be reminded, there had already been three suicide attempts (fortunately, unsuccessful ones) in Lithuania before that. The last known successful suicide was committed in Poland, in August 2022, by a young worker who had actively participated in both protests and a strike in Belarus. The worker activist turned out to be of no use to anyone, received no support, fell into depression and lost everything.

Unfortunately, a sufficient support infrastructure for Belarusian refugees in the EU has not been built yet. The Belarusian organizations involved in helping Belarusian refugees are exhausted and very tired, being under the triple blow of the KGB and the Lukashenko regime, the FSB and the Putin regime, as well as the racists in their countries.

Our House once again urges that сlose attention be paid to both the   situation of Belarusian refugees in the EU and their problems in order to eliminate any possibility of similar tragedies’ future recurrence.