“A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” Winston Churchill once said. Now, among clever people it’s considered prestigious to read Churchill, and special services do not employ complete fools. They know how to organize informational provocations and, most importantly, they know they must do it very fast.

Well, in fact, all looked as the “classic of the genre”: in order to discredit Olga Karach, a fake mail with insults was sent out to people who had written letters in her support in the framework of the campaign #protection4Olga. And yes, the mail was signed with the name of Olga Karach and was sent out of the fake email address [email protected]

However, the mentioned email address does not belong to the organization Our House. If you want to visit the website www.nash-dom.online and type its address in the search bar, it will redirect you to www.nash-dom.info, the official website of the human rights organization Our House. It means the attackers wanted to create an impression of an allegedly original email. However, in actual fact, the domain “nash-dom.online” has been purchased by the criminals just today, which proves that informational provocations of the present times are organized very fast.

Fortunately, the majority of the mail recipients have not believed the fake mail and contacted Our House or Olga Karach in person immediately. People have detected the trick, also because it’s not the first one when fake males containing threats and insults have been sent out signed by the name of Olga Karach.

For example, on April 20, 2023, members of the Lithuanian Parliament received a fake newsletter allegedly from Olga Karach threatening its deputies. Then, the aim of the fake newsletter was to influence the voting results of the Seimas’s deputes regarding the bill affecting the situation of Belarusians in Lithuania. Olga Karach filed a complaint to the police and other bodies. Although both the domain and sufficient evidence was presented to find the criminals, the Lithuanian police refused to investigate that cybercrime.

Now, a fake newsletter with insults signed with the name of Olga Karach has been sent out for the second time. The important thing is that a very narrow circle of people had access to the email addresses the fake newsletter was sent to: everyone who had written letters of support for Olga Karach to the high-rank Lithuanian politicians and public figures received it. That is another evidence that special services are involved in the matter.

Now, Olga Karach is preparing another complaint to the police about the fake newsletter. We hope this time the police will put more effort into finding the cyber offenders, especially as the circle of those who had access to email addresses is extremely limited.

The question remains: why do they do that? It isn’t difficult to answer it. In recent months, Olga Karach has successfully defended herself from all unjust accusations, has won court proceedings, received a powerful campaign of support across the globe, has been nominated to the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize, and is now negotiating about cooperation with a number of international organizations and politicians. In addition, the human rights organization Our House, which she is the head of, is successfully helping Belarusians in Lithuania in different spheres, including to defend their interests in court and to win the trials.

Therefore, both the Belarusian (or Russian) special services and Olga Karach’s ill-wishers in political circles have seen that they cannot “put her in a bag” with conventional “methods”; and when that happens, lies and provocations always come into action. That’s what we have seen today.

However, all the previous attempts to slander Olga Karach and Our House ended in complete failure. This is how it’s going to end this time, too. They will just waste their shadow budget money in vain.

Our House