Olga Karach turned to Lithuanian Seimas’ Committee on National Security and Defense with request to take under parliamentary supervision police investigation into the case of the fake threatening letter allegedly on Olga Karach’s behalf, which had been received by members of the Seimas, because that situation directly threatened Lithuania’s national security.

On April 20, 2023, the day on which the vote on President Nauseda’s veto of Law Nr. XIV-1868 was to take place, unknown attackers distributed a threatening letter on Olga Karach’s behalf among the members of the Seimas. She learned about the incident from a post in the telegram channel Parliamentary Channel, run by Anatoly Lebedko, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s adviser on constitutional reform.

The purpose of this threatening mailing on Olga Karach’s behalf, in our estimation, was to externally influence freely expressed will of the Lithuanian people, putting pressure on legitimate representatives of the Lithuanian nation in order to make them change one’s minds and vote in a certain way, to break apart the Belarusian diaspora and Lithuanian politicians, as well as to discredit the name and reputation of Olga Karach as the Our House’s head in the eyes of Lithuanian deputies.

This situation poses a direct threat to the national security of Lithuania and blatantly violates Article 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, as someone from outside tried to directly influence the supreme sovereign will of the Lithuanian people and the freely expressed will of citizens through their legally elected and legitimate representatives – members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania –  by interfering in the voting results with a provocation designed to turn the members of the Seimas against both Belarusians and Our House personally.

Failure to investigate this provocation will lead to further attempts to exert external pressure on the Seimas’ decisions.

This situation confirms once again that Belarusian organizations in exile in Lithuania helping Belarusian refugees are under serious attack by the KGB and other special services of unfriendly states, in particular being subjected to espionage, persecution, threats, etc.

Belarusians of Lithuania need extra protection and attention, including protecting one’s good name and reputation from all kinds of provocation.