September 2023 has been a busy month for the Our House team, and in this article we’d like to share with you some of our key achievements and activities, covering a wide range of our work areas.


Throughout the month we have been working hard to keep our readers up to date with the latest information. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Website publications: In September we published a total of 29 articles on our website. This allowed us to keep you updated on current events and highlight various aspects of our work.
  • “No Means No” сampaign: We actively published thematic content related to the “No Means No” campaign and are pleased to report that within this campaign, 12 materials were published aimed at drawing attention to the issue of conscientious objectors.
  • “Protection and Solidarity” campaign: We remained committed to the “Protection and Solidarity” campaign by adding 5 materials to the relevant section of our website. These publications help to raise awareness of the rights of Belarusian and Ukrainian refugees.
  • Announcements of future events: To keep our readers informed, we have also published 7 articles announcing upcoming events at ‘Our House’.
  • Monitoring the activities of the Belarusian army: Two monitoring reports on the activities of the Belarusian army became an essential part of our information work, highlighting key developments in this area.

Assistance to Refugees:

September was also marked by significant efforts in the field of assisting refugees:

  • Food aid: Thanks to the support of Maisto Bankas, Belarusian refugees in Lithuania received 1438 kilograms of food aid.
  • Household Items and Clothing Assistance: Approximately 305 kilograms of clothing and household items were provided to 38 families of Belarusian and Ukrainian refugees, making their lives a little more comfortable.
  • Educational activities: In September, our volunteers organised 6 different educational sessions for refugees in Vilnius, providing them with additional resources and knowledge for successful adaptation.
  • Dress Exchange Party: We organized a ‘Dress Exchange Party’ event to foster a positive spirit and encourage social interaction among refugees.

Political and public engagement:

Throughout September, we maintained our active involvement in political and social activities:

  • Countering fake letters: In order to protect human rights defender Olga Karach, we responded to the circulation of two fake letters aimed at compromising her.
  • International campaign: The international campaign “Protection and Asylum for Human Rights Defender Olga Karach” continued to gain momentum under the hashtag #protection4olga.

The International Centre for Civil Initiatives “Our House” would like to thank all our dedicated staff, volunteers, partners and friends for their invaluable contributions to our effective work. We hope that our efforts will continue to provide assistance and support to those in need.