Refugees from Belarus and Ukraine who love stylish and fashionable clothes, as well as those who were simply willing to socialize and get help with their looks, gathered on Saturday, September 30, in Our House, for a clothing and accessory swap party.

The event was held to allow the participants socialize, have fun and renew their wardrobe without spending a dime. The idea of the party is simple: Belarusians and Ukrainians whose destiny forced them to seek shelter in the Lithuanian capital made free space in their closets by getting rid of the things they do not need: they brought to the party those clothes which do not fit them anymore and just bore them, and traded them with others to get something they do like.

The organizers prepared well for the party: they picked a lot of nice clothes, footwear, bags and accessories in different styles at the humanitarian aid deposit, which is always full thanks to the human rights organization IGFM-Wittlich. We announced in advanced that we would be happy to welcome uniquely designed accessories. All who wanted to share their skills and talents brought their handicraft and needlework to help other girls complete their look.

However, the main idea was that people who had been forced to run from their homeland could have a nice time together, meet each other, talk, make friends. Such events solve a crucially important social and psychological task: they help refugees to meet new people, learn new ideas or necessary information, reboot their psychological power, feel they make part of community. And, of course, get new clothes.

In some way, the party became a quintessence of most various activities of Our House held in the course of this year.  Guests could participate in a photo shoot in their new look, make mehndi on their hands, listen to a short lecture about style.

All those who came talked a lot with each other, learned about fashion in different countries, its styles and everything it involves. Anastasia held a mini master class of posing and modeling for everyone. Girls learned how to always come out well in their pictures, how to point out and stress their positive sides. All who wanted tried on different looks, watching with surprise at how well and unexpectedly cool they looked in clothes they had not been used to.

And of course, there was tea and sweets, friendly people, warm conversations and new friends. Our guests chose a lot of new, beautiful clothes, both practical for everyday activities and festive for special occasions. Nobody went home with empty hands.

Now, refugees from Belarus and Ukraine are looking forward to the next swap party and hope it will be as nice, warm and wonderful as the previous one!

Our House