Grocery Thursdays organized in cooperation with Maisto Bankas help Belarusian refugees significantly.

On the eve of the holidays groceries for a feast and sweets for children were provided. Most of us associate New Year holidays with a feast. They should pass without worries that there is nothing to put on the table.

Unfortunately, Belarusians running from violence and arbitrary rule of the Belarusian regime encounter a lot of difficulties in foreign countries. Those who apply for a refugee status are banned from having a job until the resolution of their case. Many do not have an opportunity to feed their children properly every day,  let alone a holiday feast.

Therefore, on the eve of winter holidays we joined our efforts to provide food first of all to children. Over 300 kilos of groceries were delivered to the office of Our House from Maisto Bankas. As usually, they contained diary and meet products, white and black bread, fruit and vegetables. Besides that, this time there were a lot of sweets and treats for children, so that their parents could them joy on New Year holidays.

For us it was another opportunity to congratulate everyone with Christmas and the New Year. A lot of people are experiencing difficulties nowadays, therefore, we believe that such a great grocery set helps a lot to prepare a great holiday for families.