Relying on official information from the state no longer makes sense, since state officialdom is lying and contradicting each other.

Judge the information for yourself:

On March 18, the Ministry of Health published a press release, which announced the official number of coronavirus patients in the country – 51 people. But if add up all the mentioned coronavirus patients in this press release – who is sick, who has been discharged, etc. there are 54 of them. There are many such inconsistencies in the press releases of the Ministry of Health.

On March 20, STV television broadcast Lukashenko’s words about a Belarusian who, after returning from Italy, fell ill with coronavirus, but he managed to make contact with 340 people who, according to Lukashenko, “they simply recovered the virus on their feet” (question, were they infected?). Official statistics of the Ministry of Health on March 2081 patients with coronavirus.

On March 31, the same Alexander Lukashenko: “Simply our Vitebsk region always different by the climate, and this peak of morbidity has shifted a little.” Herewith, on March 31, the Ministry of Health reports that there are no data on new cases of coronavirus, the largest number of cases in the Minsk region, but in the Vitebsk region, everything is calm and “under control”.

On April 7, at a meeting on the situation with coronavirus infection with 30 officials and heads of health departments, Alexander Lukashenko said that 254 people died from pneumonia in January-March 2020, while the official figure of the Ministry of Health of 128 people who died from pneumonia in January-March 2020.


This text contains information about the situation with coronavirus, obtained from various sources – personal messages of people, references to the media, messages on social networks, and messages of telegram channels. We could not verify the information, at the moment, given the avalanche of messages, it is impossible. However, we plan to check all the information in order to see the scale of the disaster across the country.

We will also be grateful for the help of others in verifying this information and in supplementing it.

Brest and region


Brest. On March 30, because of lack of places in the hospitals of the regional center, some of the patients were transferred to Kobrin. Both infectious departments of the Brest Regional Hospital only work with coronavirus suspects. Also, part of the wards of the cardiology and cardiac surgery departments were released for them. Because of everything is overcrowded in Brest, “ambulance” ordinary patients (not with symptoms of coronavirus) brings to Kobrin. There is an emergency and doctors work two shifts in a row. Also yesterday, some patients were transferred to the Kobrin CRH from the “region” one.

Brest. April 1. Brest Regional Hospital. Yesterday an elderly woman (age 80) arrived, Stolin District, received a test result positive for Covid-19. All her relatives were brought, and they are being tested. The woman lies alone in boxing. Presumably, she got the infection from her daughter, who lives in Gomel.

Brest. April 3. In the Brest Regional Hospital, four departments of pediatric therapy are completely crammed with children who have pneumonia of varying severity.

Brest. April 3, 2020. A 20-year-old student of Vitebsk Medical University, who returned home, was put in the Central Hospital with “pneumonia”, but coronavirus was found and the whole ward was isolated: she, all her ward mates and her parents were transported at night to the infectious department of the Brest Regional Clinical Hospital. With her – also one of the medical institutions of Brest employees.

Brest. April 5. At night, people with pneumonia were massively brought to the regional hospital from Brest, Stolin, and Zhabinka. Ordinary patients were previously scattered in other hospitals and in Kobrin.

Brest. April 8. Ambulances bring people with pneumonia to the BCCH [Brest Central City Hospital], there are a lot of them and those who were in contact are brought to the regional hospital.

Brest. April 8. There is evidence that retirement age doctors are not allowed to quit, otherwise they are threatened with criminal liability.

BREST REGION (Baranovichy).

Baranovichy. At the end of March, at least 3 cases of diseases were known, these were employees of 558 Aircraft Repair Plant.

Baranovichy. On April 2, an employee of the Railway Hospital (Slonim highway, 8) reports that the institution is closed for quarantine. All patients with pneumonia and coronavirus symptoms are brought there.

Baranovichy. On April 4, because of coronavirus, 34 people were hospitalized in Baranovichy. As of 8 a.m. on April 3, there are 14 people in the infectious department of the UZ “Baranovichy city hospital”, and 20 people are in the isolator of the skin and venereological dispensary of the UZ “Baranovichy Central Polyclinic”. 783 people are under medical supervision at home.

Baranavichy. On April 7, coronavirus was found in a student of the 4th sports gymnasium in Baranovichy.

BREST REGION (Molotkovichi, Pinsk district).

April 1. Near Pinsk in the village of Molotkovichi (Molotkovichy infectious diseases hospital of the Pinsk district), at least seven confirmed cases. These are people from “Euroopt” in Luninets. There are no palces, all have pneumonia, a test for coronavirus has not done to anyone. Referring to the order of the regional authorities.

BREST REGION (Luninets).

March 30, a user of social networks reports that his uncle is in intensive care, lies under mechanical ventilation with pulmonary edema. Now he was transferred to a general ward, there is a whole floor of coronavirus patients.

Unofficially. Comment from social networks “Let them go to Pinsk, there yesterday 2 people died from an infectious disease and this is not indicated anywhere. a woman of 37 years and a man. in Luninets my uncle got in intensive care yesterday with pulmonary edema”

Residents also report that there are no tests for coronavirus in Luninets.

On the evening of April 3, masks and antiseptics were brought to the Luninetsk central pharmacy and 400 of them were sold out in 2 hours from 19.00 to 21.00 (words of pharmacist Tatyana Medina). In total, 5 thousand masks were transferred to an area with a population of 60 thousand, of which 2 thousand were transferred to enterprises at their request. People are buying up other means, intending to take paracetamol to increase immunity or to prevent coronavirus, which should never be done. However, there are no comments from the authorities on this point and there are no instructions, except for the words of the country’s leader about the bathhouse, vodka, tractors, goats and smoke from the fire.

Therefore, people in Luninets, not knowing what to do, bought up all the ginger in a panic on the advice of quack Oleg Torsunov.

(unofficially) greenwood: In Luninets, the investigator and the prosecutor’s office closed to quarantined, and several employees in the hospital (they all washed themselves in the bath, but contrary to the advice, or rather, the precepts of the main helmsman and virologist, it did not work)

April 4, 20208 employees of the Luninetsky “Euroopt” were isolated in the Molotkovichi infectious diseases hospital, and another 20 (a total of 28 people with suspicion) in Pinsk. The hospital is in terrible condition. They all contacted with director of the store, Natalya Sedova who with coronavirus. Sick Natalya, because of the fact that they did not want to take her to the hospital, she left by herself to Minsk for treatment, where the diagnosis was confirmed. Her husband Nikolay got sick earlier, the temperature is 39, but coronavirus test did not show, but she got sick later – the test showed. Nikolay is in serious condition in the intensive care unit of the Luninetsk district hospital on the ventilator. There are no more places in the hospital in Luninets. Sedovs’ son Alexander – is studying at the Vitebsk Medical University.

BREST REGION (Tolmachevo village)

April 3, 2020. Guests from Gomel brought coronavirus to the Tolmachevo village, they visited their relatives and got to the hospitals of Gomel and Brest, respectively. They write about this case as the first in the Brest region, however, the data contradict the case from Luninets (director of “Euroopt” and her husband).


While there was no coronavirus in the region, the Pinsk polyclinic issued statistics on its own website. As soon as the first patient appeared in the region (and specifically in Pinsk), the statistics disappeared (from March 30, 2020).

Pinsk. March 30. (Unofficially) A woman on Facebook reports about her relative, who is lying with strange pneumonia in pulmonology in a Pinsk 12-floor (hospital). Oxygen is connected to him. A man is less than 40 years old. The hospital is preparing new wards, because the number of such patients is growing.

BREST REGION (Baranavichy district, Zhemchuzhniy village). Here the whole family was hospitalized with suspected coronavirus, and the school was also disinfected.

BREST REGION (Ivacevichi). The central district hospital began to prepare for the worst: they are letting off all walking patients, bought antiplague suits, masks, airtight boxes, and collected electric stoves (to boil the masks). According to some information, a total of 60 beds are available in the hospital, of which about 50 are occupied.

Also in the intensive care unit of the hospital, a truck driver died who returned from Germany. The cause of death is still unknown.

BREST REGION (Gantsevichi)

April 8. In Gantsevichi, six cases of coronavirus, they are in the Central District Hospital of Gantsevich.


April 8. Two people in the infectious disease department of the district hospital. The diagnosis is confirmed.

BREST REGION (Stolin District)

On March 31, two residents of the Stolin district were taken to the infectious department of the Brest Regional Hospital. They came into contact with a woman who came from another region, who later turned out to be a carrier of coronavirus. The analysis confirmed the presence of COVID-19 in one of the examined. The head physician of the Stolin District Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology Anton Madzharo refused to confirm or deny this information.

On April 1, the virus was detected in a resident of the Stolin region, who is under surveillance as a first-order contact in the infectious department of the Brest Regional Clinical Hospital.

Vitebsk and Vitebsk region.


Pandemic in Vitebsk has reached a new level, doctors are massively ill. Hospitals are crowded, people are lying in the corridors. In the railway hospital, which is also crowded, there is one toilet per floor and it is common for men and women. Personal protective equipment for doctors is not enough.

Vitebsk. On March 1, three residents of Vitebsk, including the designer of one Vitebsk enterprise, revealed an RNA fragment that could belong to the 2019-nCoV type of coronavirus, or, as it is now called SARS-CoV-2. Tests later confirmed the presence of coronavirus. Designer of the Vitebsk Company Tatyana Efremova and her two colleagues arrived from Italy.

Vitebsk. On March 6, only two medical consultations-polyclinics for pregnant women work in Vitebsk instead of four. Most of the pregnant women from two closed consultations (No. 1 and No. 5) were sent to the antenatal clinic at the regional clinical maternity hospital. It is just across the road from the infectious diseases hospital where patients treat from COVID-19. Near is also located a tuberculosis dispensary (and a house of Olga Karach), where people come to do a test with suspected coronavirus, as well as an emergency hospital, part of which are redesigned to receive coronavirus patients. The authorities explain the transfer of antenatal clinics to this place by the fact that next to the tuberculosis dispensary, the infectious diseases hospital and the emergency hospital where coronavirus patients are located, pregnant women will be safer. Women themselves do not agree with this explanation.

Vitebsk. On March 9, Nikolai Martynov was hospitalized in serious condition. The man is on a mechanical ventilation in serious condition. The official diagnosis is “pneumonia”. There are rumors about his death, but it could not be confirmed or disproved. However, for almost a month nothing has been known about him.

Vitebsk. On March 12, several classes of Vitebsk school No. 44 and gymnasium No. 1 are at home distance education.

Vitebsk. On March 14, quarantine unofficially was introduced at shoe enterprises – “Belvest”, “Red October”, and “Marco”.

Vitebsk. On March 15, according to unofficial information, gymnasium No. 8 of the city of Vitebsk was quarantined.

Vitebsk. On March 18, 58-year-old pensioner Tatyana Khuzeeva died in Vitebsk. She was buried in a closed coffin, forbidden to invite anyone to funeral. On March 20, 2020, her husband, daughter-in-law and a neighbor gave interviews to independent journalists of several publications, where they complained about the inability to “bury humanly” and talked about the woman with coronavirus, which is why they had to take tests and sit in quarantine. On March 21, 2020, Alexander Lukashenko instructed KGB chairman Valery Vakulchik to “hard sorted out with villains who throw up fakes about COVID-19”. In response, all independent media published transcripts of interviews with the relatives of the deceased woman, proving the veracity of the initially voiced information. However, the Ministry of Health has publicly stated that the woman did not die of coronavirus. Then the husband of the deceased suddenly became confused, “forgot” the date of hospitalization of his wife, and “remembered” that the coffin was opened. Our experience shows: when relatives so abruptly change their testimonies, and even against the background of Lukashenko’s threats to “hard sorted out”, it means that they have already been “sorted out”. There are other unofficial testimonies of people in hospitals about intimidation of them and their relatives by the special services or police.

Vitebsk. On March 23, in LTP-4 of Vitebsk, 80 “severe” cases of acute respiratory viral infections were recorded. A large number of people get sick with temperatures up to 39 degrees. Those who suffer the disease in milder forms are not isolated at all. Quarantine has not been entered. The sick people continue go to work in the city. Correctional Officers are not provided with personal protective equipment, and 30% of the personnel are already on sick leave.

Vitebsk. On March 23, students report that a test for coronavirus showed a positive result for a cleaner of Vitebsk State Technological University.

Vitebsk. On March 27 at night, the therapeutic department was urgently evacuated to the BSMP, some of the patients were sent home, and some were transferred to other hospitals. They prepared wards for extreme cases, brought a special equipment, and made a separate emergency room. According to doctors, patients with a diagnosis of “unspecified pneumonia” place in the First City Hospital, in tuberculosis dispensary and in skin and venereology dispensary.

Vitebsk. On March 28, 54-year-old worker of the “Red October” factory Galina Shastovskaya died.

Vitebsk. On March 29, students of Vitebsk State University (VSU) forbidden to return from weekends to classes due to the situation with coronavirus. Vice-rector of the University Miroslava Bobrik could not explain whether there was a ban on nonresident students to returning from weekend to Vitebsk and whether all students are now attending classes.

Vitebsk. On March 29, Belarusian police were banned from entering the territory of the Vitebsk region, and the Vitebsk residents banned from leaving it. At least a few police officers are in quarantine. Significant restrictions on the movement of police officers throughout the country have also been introduced.

Vitebsk. On March 30, 75-year-old actor Victor Dashkevich died in Vitebsk. His coronavirus test was confirmed. However, the official conclusion in the death certificate is “pneumonia.” Another 11 theater staff are on sick leave with the diagnosis of “pneumonia” and acute respiratory viral infections. The actor’s wife is at home with the diagnosis of “pneumonia”.

Vitebsk. On March 30, 73-year-old pensioner Alexandra Chepik died in Vitebsk. Her daughter works at the “Marco” enterprise and was for some time next to the holding’s general director Nikolai Martynov.

Vitebsk. On March 30, the Vitebsk City Executive Committee published a list of measures to combat coronavirus, which the people immediately dubbed “quarantine”. The decision of the Vitebsk city executive committee under No. 349 is dated 03/27/2020 and is called the “Plan of additional measures to prevent and reduce the spread of acute respiratory viral infections, including those caused by COVID-19”.

Vitebsk. On March 30, the administration of Vitebsk State University asked nonresident students not to return to classes from the weekend in Vitebsk.

Vitebsk. On March 30, 2020, a trial was held of Vitebsk YouTube blogger Olga Zhuravskaya, editor of the “Permitted to shoot” channel anf the partner of the “Our House” YouTube channel. She was tried under Administrative Article 17.1 (“Petty Hooliganism”) for a video about the failure of attempts to pass tests for coronavirus in Vitebsk. As a result of the proceedings, Olga was fined 30 b.v. (810 r.). She could not pass the coronavirus test, and the video about it gained more than 60,000 views.

Vitebsk. On March 30. A resident of Vitebsk, Aleksey Myadelec was hospitalized a few days ago with suspected coronavirus in the regional infectious diseases hospital.

Vitebsk. On March 31. Irina Semeynikova, a cardiologist from Vitebsk, states that “the number of patients with respiratory symptoms is increasing very much (last week I took a maximum of 7 people for 3 hours, now it’s about 15-17 people). A lot of pneumonia, really a lot with a low temperature. Also, according to my colleagues who work in hospitals, all departments are redeveloped to pneumonia and laid. I don’t know the number of people infected with Covid-19, but I understand perfectly well that there is a problem and it’s real”.

Vitebsk. On March 31, the Minister of Health Vladimir Karanik and the head of the Council of the Republic, Natalia Kochanova, urgently arrived in the Vitebsk region.

Vitebsk. On March 31, Alexander Lukashenko publicly admitted that more than ten doctors were infected in Vitebsk.

Vitebsk. On April 1, two doctors are in the Vitebsk Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital with coronavirus, one of them is an ambulance doctor. The ambulance doctor lies with bilateral pneumonia.

Vitebsk. On April 2, during a visit to the Vitebsk region by the Minister of Health of Belarus Vladimir Karanik, the head of the health administration of the Vitebsk regional executive committee Yury Derkach was fired from his post.

Vitebsk. On April 2, the 68-year-old resident of Polotsk, Lidia Matveeva, died of pneumonia in the regional clinical hospital in Vitebsk. The diagnosis was changed three times. She was prescribed antibiotics, and a few days later, she turned up in intensive care with severe form of pneumonia under a ventilator. April 2, she died. Relatives did not receive any official comments from the hospital, it was impossible to call. The son could find out about her condition and death only through familiar doctors. The diagnosis of “coronavirus” was made only in the morgue. Her son, Alexander Matveev, with desperation, filed a complaint to the Polotsk police department. The man’s statement was accepted and registered under number 547 039. Repressions immediately began against the son, the KGB came to relatives and began threaten repressions.

Vitebsk. On April 2, after five days in intensive care, a military pensioner Vladimir Sidorov died in Vitebsk, two months ago he turned 70. On March 13, the pensioner was taken to the surgery department with a diagnosis of “popliteal thrombosis”, and five days later, he was discharged home with a temperature of 38. They told him to be treated at home. However, the man’s condition worsened, two days later he was given an x-ray in the clinic – and from there they were taken to the same hospital with bilateral pneumonia. The patient for five days was in intensive care unit on mechanical ventilation, but he could not be saved. The man had a positive test for coronavirus.

His wife Tatyana also lies in an infectious diseases hospital with pneumonia, and coronavirus of the woman had confirmed. There is a woman with her in the ward whose husband was also at first in the hospital, then he was discharged home, and from there they already took him with coronavirus – he is in intensive care on mechanical ventilation.

Daughter Irina is also in the infectious diseases hospital, she has a negative test for coronavirus, but X-ray showed pneumonia. The granddaughter of Vladimir Sidorov has bronchitis.

Vitebsk. On April 2, the Vitebsk housing and communal services began to disinfect the entrances, as well as to paste the ads “Rules of conduct for citizens during self-isolation”. Some cleaners had to buy masks and gloves at their own expense.

Vitebsk. On April 3, 46-year-old nurse Svetlana Kiseleva, who worked as a procedural nurse of the neurology department of Vitebsk city clinical hospital №1 died in Vitebsk. Svetlana became infected, because doctors were not given personal protective equipment. Svetlana has an adult daughter Anastasia (27 years old) and a little daughter Veronika (7 years old). In the hospital was diagnosed with bilateral bronchopneumonia. The certificate issued to the family after the autopsy says that the cause of Svetlana’s death was “acute respiratory failure”. Now, her husband is in the hospital with a temperature of 39, he is diagnosed with SARS.

There are several more nurses from the 1st clinical hospital, including the head nurse with bilateral pneumonia in the hospitals of Vitebsk.

Vitebsk. On April 3, 58-year-old a former investigator for particularly important cases of the Vitebsk regional prosecutor’s office Anatoly Vysotsky, died in Vitebsk.

Vitebsk. On April 3, at school No. 39, coronavirus was found at a teacher in Vitebsk.

Vitebsk. On April 4, the Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital posted on the website of the National Center for Marketing and Business an announcement on public procurement of a large batch of “semi-finished products for coffins” and “sealed plastic bags for packaging corpses”. Within a few days, the hospital expects to find a supplier of pathological-anatomical bags that are suitable for packaging deceased due to coronavirus infection COVID-19. A large funeral bureau wants to buy 1,500 coffins.

In city hospitals, at least 10 people are on mechanical ventilation, and more than 70 people were hospitalized from Friday to Monday.

Vitebsk Diagnostic Center is redesigned. According to doctors from this institution, the head of the laboratory and the doctor who does the MRI are already in the TB dispensary with confirmed pneumonia.

It also became known that the local emergency hospital (on Frunze Ave.) was evacuated on Sunday night. Buses to the regional hospital transported “Non-specialized” patients and seriously ill patients.

According to unofficial information, the local water utility, power grids, as well as the regional prosecutor’s office, are also quarantined.

The state company “Belmedpreparaty” urgently withdrew from weekends and vacations storekeepers and warehouse managers, as well as porters and drivers. 4 cars with medicines were urgently sent to the Vitebsk region. At least one truck is completely filled with antibiotics.

Vitebsk. April 5. A student of the Veterinary Academy was hospitalized in the city trust hospital with a confirmed diagnosis of “coronavirus”.

Vitebsk. On April 7, a 25-year-old Russian citizen Daniil Lopatyuk died in a hospital. On the evening of April 6, the person was taken to the hospital and he died at night. Daniel had asthma and diabetes, the cause of death is still unknown. Friends suggest that it was either pneumonia or coronavirus.

Vitebsk. April 8. A resident of Vitebsk, Olesya Lobatskaya, reported on social networks that on April 7, her daughter, 3.5 years old, became seriously ill, her temperature was 38.3 and she had a strong cough. At 10 a.m., Olesya called the coronavirus hotline in Vitebsk to clarify the following steps, given that a week ago they arrived from abroad and are on self-isolation. They said to call a pediatrician at home. She called and explained all the circumstances (that they arrived, that she is also sick, that they refused to do tests for us). Half an hour later, the pediatrician called, saying that she was afraid to go to them and that she would go to resolve this issue with her superiors. She called back quickly, saying that an ambulance would take them to an isolated box to the hospital, the ambulance will arrive in the late afternoon, and we need to get ready. Now is the first hour of night of the next day, the child chokes in a cough to a burgundy complexion. At the mother’s calls, the ambulance says, “wait” and hangs up. We follow the situation.


Coronavirus was found in a citizen of the Russian Federation in the Lepel military sanatorium, and one doctor has already been officially diagnosed with “pneumonia”. Two more paramedics isolated.

April 5. Positive tests for coronavirus for three patients came, despite the fact that they were lying not in infection, but in ordinary treatment wards.


Zaslonovo. March 13, 2020. Near the sanatorium, in the village of Zaslonovo, after a trip to Italy, one of the servicemen was hospitalized with suspected coronavirus. The military unit number 71327 conducted anti-epidemic measures. The soldier was closed on the floors, dismissal was canceled. According to unconfirmed reports, he infected another 7 people.

VITEBSK REGION (Vitebsk district)

Near Vitebsk closed the “Zheleznodorozhnik” sanatorium. In the near future, they plan to retool it into a hospital for receiving infected. Also, for suspicious patients given a tourist base in Krupenino.

VITEBSK REGION (Polotsk, Pastavy)

According to several sources from the Ministry of Emergencies, coronavirus was found in one of the heads of the Ministry of Emergencies in Polotsk. The officer’s wife is a teacher at a local school. Nineteen contacts of the first level were also hospitalized – though to the “Vetraz” rehabilitation center under Pastavy.


Orsha. March 28. According to the employees of the local water utility, one of the employees of the enterprise was taken right from the workplace. There is also a rumor in the city that even the ex-head physician of the district and his wife got sick.

Orsha. March 31. One of the employees of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Orsha district was hospitalized. The police officer was taken from the apartment, disinfection measures are being carried out in the house, neighbors and relatives were told not to leave the city.

Orsha. April 3. At a school in Andreevschina [a village two kilometers from Orsha] several children and teachers fell ill, it is known that one of the teachers is a “labor teacher”.

Orsha. April 3. A man who arrived from Moscow appealed to the city polyclinic No. 2 in Orsha, later a virus was confirmed, eight health workers were taken, they were tested, and they released him a day later because there was nobody to work. The results of the research are unknown.


In February, doctors at the city hospital in Barani were shown a paper from the Ministry of Health that the city hospital in Baran would be redesigned to receive patients with coronavirus and pneumonia and 120 beds must be allocated for patients with coronavirus. The paper was without a number and a signature, nevertheless, the hospital was prepared for receiving coronavirus patients. Patients from all departments were transferred to other hospitals or discharged, including from the palliative department (terminal care department), the patients were sent home.

Baran. On March 25, the first “official” patient with coronavirus appeared, before him there was another coronavirus patient, but information on that patient was closed and classified.

Baran. On March 31, there were 4 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus, as well as more than 10 people with a diagnosis of “pneumonia” in the hospital, in the infectious diseases department.

VITEBSK REGION (Beshenkovichi)

A couple of weeks ago, two families retuned from Italy. As a result, five people with suspected coronavirus have already been taken from “Belkotlomash” Scientific-Production Enterprise, and preliminary tests have given positive result for one employee.

On March 19, a resident of the Beshenkovichi district who infected with coronavirus was hospitalized in the Vitebsk regional infectious diseases hospital.

On April 2, the 57-year-old resident of the Beshenkovichi Natalia Litvyakova became ill. The woman worked as a disinfector in the Beshenkovichi Sanitary and Epidemiological Service.

On April 5, Natalya Litvyakova, the disinfector at the Beshenkovichi Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, died. The official diagnosis is pneumonia. Relatives say the coronavirus test was positive. Natalia will be buried in a closed coffin.


In March, at least two cases are known. A son came to one of the local residents, and a little later, she fell ill – the test for COVID-19 was positive. The young man went home to Smolevichi and began to live a normal life, but after a couple of days, the police found him and helped isolate him.

Another case is an elderly male pensioner. In the hospital, they could not diagnose him for a week. Initially, a stroke was diagnosed, then re-profiled into pneumonia. All the “first level contacts” were isolated in the building of the local forestry, where they have been located for several days. Food is passed to them through the windows, and nobody knows what to do with them. So say the relatives of the isolated.

Dokshitsy. April 5. Dokshitsy has a very bad environment. According to information from health workers 40 people lay with pneumonia, over the weekend another 15 were brought.


Miory. March 31. Eight people were hospitalized at the Central Hospital in Miory. All are contacts of the first level of a student studying in Vitebsk. They are waiting for test results.


A teacher at a music school. 2 weeks lay in therapy. Now they wash the whole hospital.


Small Lyotzy Village. April 5. Coronavirus confirmed. They took to the Vitebsk regional hospital.

From the sanatorium “Lyotzy” people were transported to the sanatorium “Forest Lakes” in Ushachsky District. Sanatorium “Lyotzy” ia quarantined.


Chashniki. On April 4, a 61-year-old man died who drank hand antiseptics in the Chashniki district. He and another 55-year-old worker were found in storeroom on the floor. Ambulance delivered both, but the elder could not be saved. Preliminary investigation established that men drank the hand sanitizer, which has been used at this enterprise for several years.


Shumilino. March 17. Closed the sanitary station. Two employees were hospitalized with suspected coronavirus.

Shumilino. On April 3, a man, a resident of Shumilino, infected with COVID-19, was hospitalized in a hospital in the Shumilino district. His wife is in quarantine.

VITEBSK REGION (Yunki village, Postavy district)

Yunki. March 17. A woman has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The woman became infected when she visited her children in Vitebsk.

VITEBSK REGION (Agro-town Novka, Vitebsk region)

Novka. March 17. A positive result on coronavirus in a farm worker. He was taken to a hospital.


Novolukoml. March 17. They took a student-girl, who studied in Vitebsk.

VITEBSK REGION (Novopolotsk)

Novopolotsk.  On March 16, a woman, a resident of Novopolotsk who recently returned from Moscow, was taken to the hospital with a positive coronavirus test. Residents of Novopolotsk hunted the woman on social networks.

Novopolotsk. April 3. About 50 people are in the Novopolotsk central city hospital with pneumonia.

Novopolotsk. April 8. Chairman of the Novopolotsk Executive Committee Dmitry Demidov – on self-isolation, as a first-level contact. Demidov was at the general meeting of the management of “Naftan” OJSC. Coronavirus was previously found at the head physician of the enterprise polyclinic.


On the evening of March 3, a stranger called video blogger Andrei Pauk from mobile number +375333104920, who called himself Alexander Faridovich. The connection was lost. Three minutes later, the same stranger called already from the number +79677314403 and said that he was the deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Gomel Region Executive Committee and he said that his name was Fayzulin Alexander Faridovich. The stranger began to threaten the blogger with the initiation of fictitious criminal cases. On this call, the blogger turned to law enforcement.

Gomel. March 17. Father of the child, who is a patient in the children’s hospital on Zharkovsky, was sick with coronavirus. Father and son were in the pediatric department #4.

Gomel. March 18 confirmed the case of coronavirus in a sportsman who returned from Portugal. He was placed in a regional infectious diseases clinical hospital.

Gomel. March 19. The administration of the Skorina Gomel State University threatens repressions to students who signed a quarantine petition. University students are even threatened with criminal cases for “fake” signatures.

Gomel. On March 25, a girl who recently returned from France was hospitalized in Gomel. Officially, her test for coronavirus showed a negative result, and then, according to doctors, “everything has changed”. Doctors in protective suits took the girl and her neighbor. After that, people in chemical protection processed the entrance, where she lives, police officers went to the neighbors – they copied the data. The girl’s father and mother were taken to the infectious diseases hospital.

Gomel. On April 2, the trainer of the Gomel Sports School #4 was hospitalized with pneumonia and a preliminary positive test for RNA of coronavirus SARS / 2019-nCoV (COVID-19). Another student who studied in the Gomel Sports School #4 turned out to be with a positive coronavirus test and was also hospitalized in the Gomel Infectious Disease Hospital.

Gomel. April 6, 2020. According to several reliable sources which are not related to each other, from April 4 to 6, the number of diseases confirmed by doctors has doubled, and today the total number of infected in the Gomel region is 26 people and doubled in a few days.

Three cases – the pupils of the Gomel Sports School #4. This educational institution is the main hearth of the virus in Gomel.

GOMEL REGION (Buda-Koshelevo)

Buda-Koshelevo. On April 2, 39 residents of the village of Kommunar were taken to the infectious department of the Buda-Koshelevo district hospital. All of them were contacts of the first level of a student who studied in Gomel Sports School #4, where cases of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus were recorded. 60 beds were allocated for coronavirus in Buda-Koshelevo: 20 in the infectious department and 40 in the obstetric and gynecological department.

Buda-Koshelevo. On April 6, a pensioner, a resident of the village of Kommunar, Buda-Koshelevo District, was hospitalized in the Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital with pneumonia and suspected coronavirus.


Rechitsa. March 17. A 60-year-old woman who visited her children in Vitebsk was hospitalized. She was removed from the train when she was returning and immediately brought to the infectious department of the district hospital.

Rechitsa. March 17. At least two cases in Rechitsa. A family whose relatives in Vitebsk and a store employee. Their relatives are also hospitalized.

Rechitsa. On March 20, the blogger Pavel Maryevsky, who was filming the situation with coronavirus in the clinic, was literally locked up and they did not released him from the clinic for several hours. Subsequently, a protocol was drawn up for the blogger under article 17.1 (“Petty hooliganism”).

Rechitsa. On April 7, three patients with suspected coronavirus infection are in the infectious department of the Rechitsa CRH. They turned out to be three women.

GOMEL REGION (Oktiabrskiy). There are sick.

Oktiabrskiy. On April 7, 2 cases of pneumonia patients were registered with preliminary positive tests for coronavirus in the Oktiabrskiy district. Patients were hospitalized in the Gomel regional infectious diseases hospital. One of the patients was a doctor at the therapeutic department of the local hospital, and his sick common-law wife, also worked in the hospital.


Yelsk. March 17. The director of secondary school #1 in the city of Yelsk was hospitalized with suspected coronavirus. She is awaiting test results.

GOMEL REGION (Lelchitsy). With a population of 11.5 thousand, this is a new epicenter: several cases are known.

With confirmed coronavirus in serious condition, the chairman of the local collective farm was transported to Gomel to be connected to mechanical ventilation. The infected did not miss a single meeting in the district executive committee about the upcoming sowing season. The maternity department of the local hospital was redesigned as infectious to isolate the entire heads of the district. Expect at least 50 people.

Lelchitsy. On March 31, there are not enough beds for patients with pneumonia in the local Central district hospital of Lelchitsy. According to the order #474 of the head of the Main Directorate of Health Protection of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, Nikolai Kudenchuk, residents of Lelchitsy with Covid-19 symptoms are sent to Mozyr CRH.

Lelchitsy. April 8. Nurses from Lelchitsy with suspected coronavirus were taken to the Gomel hospital. Prior to this, nurses were lying in Lelchitsy with suspicion, as they were in contact with the infected, from the ward every morning they went to receive citizens for a full shift (in special clothes) at the same hospital, then returned to the ward. The coronavirus test showed a positive result.

GOMEL REGION (Zhitkovichi)

Zhitkovichi. On March 23, 2020, the Ministry of Health confirmed the case of coronavirus in a 58-year-old resident of Zhitkovichi, who had been on sick leave with a diagnosis of acute respiratory viral infections before this week, and lost consciousness on March 21, leaving the clinic after consulting with a therapist. March 25, 2020, the Ministry of Health reported that this woman is not sick with coronavirus. At the same time, the woman’s colleagues were forbidden to “communicate with journalists” under the threat of sanctions.


Zhlobin. On April 7, a woman contracted pneumonia with a preliminary positive test for coronavirus in the Zhlobin district. She is in the Gomel regional infectious diseases hospital.

GOMEL REGION (Turov). 10 employees of the Turov Dairy Plant were quarantined, and the director of the enterprise is under suspicious.

GOMEL REGION (Mozyr). 8 people were taken directly from workplaces at the Oil refinery. There is practically no information about this – everyone was forbidden to talk about it under the threat of immediate dismissal.

Mozyr. April 2. The probable contact of a person with coronavirus infection with staff of LC Waikiki store, which located in the “Bobrovsky” shopping center, has been established. The patient visited the shopping center on March 21 from 11.00 to 15.00. The contact list contains 11 store employees.

Mozyr. April 2. A student at Mozyr State Pedagogical University was hospitalized with suspected coronavirus.


Rogachev. On April 6, a pensioner, a resident of Rogachev, was hospitalized in the Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital with pneumonia and suspected coronavirus.

GOMEL REGION (Svetlogorsk)

Svetlogorsk. On April 1, a woman was taken from the pool with symptoms of coronavirus, she began to choke. Now she is in intensive care in the Central district hospital.

Village Koreni of Svetlogorsk region. April 5. A girl with coronavirus was taken. She came from Italy and lives in Gomel, but her parents sent her to grandmother in the village.

Grodno and the region


Grodno. April 3, 2020. A 67-year-old resident of Grodno was taken to the Grodno Regional Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital on March 10 after she came at night from Italy to Vilnius, than she arrived in Grodno. The next morning, the presence of coronavirus infection in the patient’s body was confirmed. This was the first case in the region.

Grodno. April 3, 2020. Two more patients with confirmed coronavirus (they came from Sweden) are in the regional infectious diseases clinical hospital in Grodno. One in mild condition, the second medium.

Grodno. On April 7, two new patients with a confirmed diagnosis were hospitalized in the Grodno Infectious Disease Hospital. These are elderly residents of the Grodno region who returned from the “Praleska” sanatorium in the Minsk district.


Voronovo. For several days, a doctor at the local institution has been hospitalized. The symptoms of coronavirus are appearing in him: dry cough, lung problems, fever, etc. As the man’s colleagues say, he repeatedly turned to the management with a request for a sick leave, but he was not allowed to go – there is nobody to work. After his health began to deteriorate, he was still hospitalized. His wife, who works as a nurse in the same hospital, and their little son, who has characteristic symptoms, are also hospitalized. The doctor’s colleague also showed similar symptoms. Due to a shortage of doctors, administration is already hinting that it is necessary to write out faster and get to work. The doctor and the nurse apparently became infected from patients who, according to some local officials, in the infectious department of the local health facility are about 80 people.


On April 1, father of priest Stanislav Dul died. The cause of death is unknown.

On April 3, priests Oleg Dul, 47, died. The cause of death is unknown.

GRODNO REGION (Slonim). According to information from local doctors, at least three cases of pneumonia were detected in the city. One death was recorded – the other day a woman died here.

For several days, she had a fever, but the woman did not go to the hospital. At some point, she got out of bed and, not reaching the kitchen, fell dead. Pneumonia is indicated as the cause of death.

Slonim. February 27, 2020. A man, a trucker from China, who crossed the border with China on February 9, was hospitalized in Slonim. Coronavirus in men has not been confirmed.

Slonim. March 27, 2020. According to the head physician, there are five people in the infectious department of the Slonim Central District Hospital. The first coronavirus tests are negative.

Slonim. On April 2, 2020, only two patients are in the infectious department of the Slonim CDH, according to the head physician, due to coronavirus infection. Their condition is satisfactory and there is no temperature.

Slonim has only one working fluorography apparatus. There is no information on ventilation devices.


Ivje. On March 24, at least one case of confirmed coronavirus was recorded here. Alexander Matskevich, a 48-year-old entrepreneur from the Ivjev district, is currently in the Ivjev Central District Hospital. The man admits that his children and wife could already have been ill with coronavirus, but suffered it in a mild form.

GRODNO REGION (Village of Geraneny). Coronavirus found in a local entrepreneur. Many people are urgently quarantined – some have already confirmed cases of pneumonia.


Minsk. On February 28, coronavirus was detected in a student of the Belarusian National Technical University.  The young man’s name is Parsa, he is from Iran, he has been in Belarus for the second year and he is studying at the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology. One of the tests showed the “doubtful result” in the father of the bride of this student from Iran – he became the second patient with coronavirus.

Minsk. March 5. Among the patients with coronavirus was the chairman of the Minsk Regional Court. The institution is actually in quarantine mode, meetings are canceled, and some employees did not come to work.

Minsk. March 14. Students from the BSU are examined by doctors, the facility was sanitized. This is due to the fact that at the university one of the students (presumably a relative of Nikolai Martynov) was identified.

Minsk. March 15. The Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs closed all colonies, including the children’s educational colony in Bobruisk, to quarantine. All dates are forbidden, but a “coronavirus” package of 10 kg, including vitamins, citrus fruits and onions, is allowed.

Minsk. March 15. Users of social networks begin massively upload photos of how ambulances are taking coronavirus patients in different parts of Minsk, including Stepyanka, Zhemchuzhnaya Street, Surganova Street, etc.

Minsk. On March 14-15, a man, 57 years old, was admitted to the fourth hospital and doctors took a smear and allegedly found swine flu. In addition, the man was sick with diabetes. The man is dead.

Minsk. March 16. A doctor from one of the Minsk hospitals anonymously said that about 50 patients with coronavirus were brought to the hospital last night and there are no places to put people in the hospital.

Minsk. March 16. In one of the hospitals, four patients confirmed coronavirus and two of them are students of the International Relations Faculty of BSU.

Minsk. March 16. In secondary school #179 on Leshchinsky Street in Minsk, a teacher and two technical workers fell ill with pneumonia.

Minsk. March 16. In secondary school #73 of Minsk, students with a cough were allowed not to attend classes and stay at home.

Minsk. On March 17, 60-year-old Sergey Govor, an engineer at one of the secret enterprises with a “baseline pneumonia” diagnosis, was hospitalized in the third hospital.

Minsk. On March 17, 2020, the Ministry of Education sent out information in the morning about postponing the start of school holidays a week in advance. In the evening of the same day, unexpectedly, the Ministry of Education changed its mind and reversed this decision.

Minsk. March 17. The hookah institutions unofficially closed in Minsk.

Minsk. March 17. In Minsk, traffic is blocked because of preparations for the solemn Parade of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Minsk. March 17. The Ministry of Health ceases to publish statistics of the coronavirus patients with the specification of the areas, how many and where are sick.

Minsk. March 17. In the capital of Belarus, people were taken away on the streets of Yanka Luchiny, Yakubov, Yesenin, on Partizan Avenue (shopping center “Momo”).

Minsk. March 18, 2 thousand soldiers for a foot column arrived in Minsk to prepare for the procession for the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The parade itself is expected May 9, 2020.

Minsk. On March 18, an employee of “BPS-Sberbank” was hospitalized with suspected coronavirus. On March 27, a coronavirus test gave a positive result.

Minsk. March 18. Belarus has introduced restrictions on cash withdrawals from banks.

Minsk. March 18, 2020, the trial took place on author of YouTube channel MozgOn, the blogger Vladimir Tsyganovich, which took place a week earlier, on March 12. He was accused of publishing a video calling to come everyone to the capital office of the “Belneftekhim” concern who is worried about rising fuel prices. Tsyganovich was convicted in absentia under part 3 of article 23.34 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus (“violation of the procedure for organizing and holding a mass event again during the year”) with the sanction of 15 days of administrative arrest. The period of arrest will be considered from the moment of detention.

Minsk. March 19. A medical registrar (Burdeynogo St.) was hospitalized from Minsk Clinic #31. He was taken by the “astronauts” on the ambulance.

Minsk. March 19. A student of school #212 in the Frunze district fell ill with coronavirus.

On the evening of March 19, 2020, the former political prisoner, the author of the telegram channel on mutual assistance of Belaruses during the coronavirus pandemic Nikolai Dedok, was detained. He was accused under article 17.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (“petty hooliganism”) for graffiti at the Minsk hostel. The court decided to return the case for revision.

Minsk. March 19. Students of Minsk State Linguistic University Liza Prokopchik and Nastya Sakharchuk handed out to students disposable masks with the inscription “Hahaha, I’ll die here” and they urged students not to attend classes since April 20, demanding quarantine. They also collected quarantine signatures and collected more than 400 signatures.

Minsk. March 20. According to unconfirmed information, in the City Clinical Hospital alone, 600 beds and 50 beds in intensive care for patients with COVID-19 were allocated. Despite the fact that four hospitals for these patients have been redesigned in Minsk. Doctors say anonymously that there is already death from pneumonia.

Minsk. March 20. Two passengers flying out of Belarus found coronavirus. Flight 0324 Minsk – Astana eventually made an emergency landing in Karaganda. The first – born in 1981, the second – born in 1972.

Minsk. On March 21, a family (husband and wife), residents of Minsk, are in the 6th hospital in intensive care with pneumonia in serious condition and suspected coronavirus.

Minsk. March 22. According to unofficial data, the hospital #3 of the city of Minsk is completely filled with patients with high fever and dry cough.

Minsk. March 22. Irina, a 50-year-old resident of Minsk, was hospitalized as a first-level contact in the 3rd City Clinical Hospital. She was diagnosed with SARS. Some patients are in the corridor of the hospital.

Minsk. March 23. Physician Ekaterina Ermakovich, who works at the 6th Minsk City Polyclinic, claims that her father has been in the Glubok Central District Hospital since Friday, he was taken by an ambulance with temperature and shortness of breath. He fell ill after visiting the clinic for “planned issues.” Her sister in Grodno with a temperature of 39C at home (for now), also after contact with a sick person.

Minsk. On March 23, a woman who had arrived from Vilnius was delivered from another hospital to the intensive care unit of the 4th hospital, and on March 24 at 10 am she already died. She was 72 years old. The official cause of death is pneumonia, but unofficially doctors claim that she has had a confirmed coronavirus test twice. Also known about another death of an 83-year-old woman with diagnosis of “pneumonia”, she recently came from Paris.

Minsk. March 24. Anastasia Khotyanovich, a Minsk resident, was hospitalized with pneumonia and coronavirus symptoms at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pulmonology and Phthisiology: She is in a hospital in the RSPC in Novinki. She called an ambulance to work on March 19, her stomach ached. Ambulance doctors took her to be tested for pneumonia, which was confirmed. In Minsk said that the hospitals were crowded, so everyone was taken here. In the hospital, two floors with pneumonia and a third also begin to fill. Here no one has been tested for coronovirus.

Minsk. March, 25. An employee of the Minsk Palace of Children and Youth confirmed a coronavirus infection and she was hospitalized in 5th hospital. She worked in the art creation department. The Palace of Children and Youth was not closed to quarantine.

Minsk. On March 25, 2020, in the suburbs of Minsk, unidentified men in civilian clothes detained editor-in-chief of the Belarusian electronic journal “Diary” Sergei Satsuk. He became famous for his journalistic investigations into mass and all-consuming corruption in the Belarusian Ministry of Health. Two days before the arrest, on March 23, Sergey Satsuk published in the “Diary” the article “Who Sows Panic Around the Coronavirus, the President or Sites and Channels?”, where he expressed doubts about the reliability of official statistics on the spread of coronavirus in Belarus. The journalist also told about threats from corrupt officials from the Ministry of Health for his journalistic activities. After 10 days, Sergei Satsuk was released, but he publicly declared that he stopped writing any articles about corruption in the Ministry of Health, which suggests that pressure was applied to the editor in prison during these 10 days.

Minsk. March 27. The teacher of kindergarten #398 was hospitalized, parents say. The kindergarten is located in the Frunze district of Minsk on Tymoshenko Street. The coronavirus test was positive.

Minsk. On the afternoon of March 30, doctors confirmed two cases of pneumonia in the capital’s BSC (banking services center) #4 of BNB Bank. According to bank employees, from today the entire bank is transferred to remote work, if possible.

It also became known that at least four Belkommunmash employees were hospitalized. The enterprise itself is hastily disinfected.

Minsk. On March 30, coronavirus was diagnosed in a kindergarten teacher of #566 in Minsk in Partizan district.

Minsk. March 30. In gymnasium #5, in one of the teachers revealed coronavirus.

Minsk. On March 31, the Ministry of Health of Belarus decided that medical examinations of workers were suspended until April 20.

Minsk. March 31. One of the capital dance schools was quarantined because in a student confirmed coronavirus. The student is a doctor, she works in the pulmonology department in one of the hospitals in Minsk and she suffers from a chronic lung disease.

Minsk. March 31. In the street of Asanalieva 5, was hospitalized a girl who had contact with a guy with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19.

Minsk. On April 1, 67-year-old Olga Derevyanko from Minsk died.

Minsk. On April 1, a cloakroom attendant Nadezhda U. of the second building of the Belarusian State Technological University became ill with a coronavirus. She was hospitalized and is on a ventilator. Her husband is also in serious condition at the hospital with a diagnosis of coronavirus.

Minsk. On the evening of April 1, the carpenter who was in close contact with her became ill, he was also hospitalized in the 6th hospital and he had a positive test for coronavirus.

Minsk. On April 1, several people lay with pneumonia in the 5th hospital in Minsk. The wards are crowded with patients, nonetheless they bring in new ones, all with pneumonia, all cough, but doctors take analysis for coronavirus only in seriously ill patients.

Minsk. April 1. In the Minsk City Oncology Center, a ten-floor building for 120 people was completely freed from patients. In the event of an aggravation of the situation with coronavirus, it must have been filled last of all – when the remaining hospitals in Minsk – “infectious diseases”, 4th, 6th, Borovlyany – there are no more places. За последние двое суток здесь уже 38 человек с признаками Covid-19. Mostly people under the age of forty were hospitalized. There is a girl born in 2002. So far, they are doing tests. Another corps is being prepared for receiving viral patients. The head doctor lives in the dispensary around the clock.

Minsk. April 2. Gennady Lasuta (50 years old), the Major General of the Internal Service was relieved of his post as deputy minister for emergency situations, the official reason being “due to illness”.

Minsk. On April 2, an 81-year-old resident of Minsk Viktor Burak died in the infectious diseases hospital in Minsk. The death certificate indicates code B97.2, i.e. coronavirus. His 84-year-old wife Valentine is in the 10th hospital with coronavirus. Viktor Burak felt unwell himself after returning from a planned rehabilitation at a military hospital in Borovlyany. A few days later, he was taken with pneumonia to the 10th hospital, and from there transferred to an infectious.

Minsk. April 2. In the bus depot #5 (on Gursky Street), coronavirus was detected in a driver, and transport was disinfected at the “Malinovka 4” control station.

Minsk. April 2. Coronavirus was confirmed in a teacher of grade 2 of Minsk secondary school #159, which located on Odintsova Street. She was hospitalized in the City Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Minsk. April 2. A student of MSLU (Minsk State Linguistic University) is in the City Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital on Kropotkina. She was diagnosed with pneumonia. Tests for coronavirus have not been conducted.

Minsk. April 2. An employee of “Euroopt” Shopping center on Nikiforova Street in Uruchye was hospitalized with suspicion. About ten contacts of the first level were taken from the store.

Minsk. April 2. An employee of the personnel department and a pulmonologist of the Emergency Hospital in Minsk were hospitalized. No test results yet. Pulmonology is in quarantine.

Minsk. On April 3, 60-year-old Sergey Govor, an engineer of one of the secret enterprises, died. Coronavirus was also found in the older sister of Sergei Govor, Olga. She is now in hospital in serious condition. Coronavirus was also found in his daughter’s boyfriend Dmitry Kostyuchenko.

The pensioner’s therapist is also in the pulmonology department of the third hospital with coronavirus.

Minsk. April 3. The Minsk City Clinical Hospital #10 was redesigned for the treatment of patients with pneumonia and a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, as well as with suspected coronavirus. One of the doctors of the 10th hospital already has a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus. Also in the hospital are nurses of the 10th hospital and a neurologist from the emergency hospital with a diagnosis of coronavirus. Doctors say that 90 people with coronavirus were hospitalized in Minsk on the night of April 2–3.

Minsk. On April 4, Yuri Osipov, 69-years-old, a former employee of the National Bank, died in Minsk. Daughter Anna and Yuri’s wife are in the same institution with a similar diagnosis.

Minsk, On April 4, 51-year-old Eduard Tikhomirov, a driver of the head office of BPS-Sberbank, died. The coronavirus test was positive. Now, his wife and her son from a previous marriage are in the infectious diseases hospital and they have the positive test. The death certificate states that the man died from cardiopulmonary failure, viral pneumonia, and COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

Minsk. On April 4, at the 8th ambulance substation in Minsk, coronavirus was detected in one of the employees (Orlovskaya Street).

Minsk. On April 4, coronavirus was found in a woman who works in the Minsk ambulance hospital. She was hospitalized in Salihorsk, her family, including children and grandchildren, were isolated in Uzda. It is known that another doctor from this hospital is also ill with coronavirus.

Minsk. On April 4, a Russian infected with COVID-19 was brought to the capital’s CHEMC (Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care). As a result, all medical staff were required to pass smears. By the way, a similar situation occurred in the Minsk district hospital.

Minsk. Over the weekend of April 4-5, at least two families were hospitalized in Minsk: on the streets of Tikotsky (6 people) and Bachilo (mother and daughter). As the residents of the house on Bachilo Street in Shabany say, after this event the entrance of porch, where the infected live, was disinfected and even washed the asphalt in front of the house. Another hospitalization was recorded on Asanaliev Street.

Minsk. Two people with suspected coronavirus were taken from the hostel of Belarusian State Medical University #1 (Independence Avenue, 71).

Minsk. Another case of coronavirus was recorded in Children’s City Clinical Hospital #4. A child was initially in the gastroenterological department. However, after receiving positive tests, he was transferred to the infectious diseases hospital.

Minsk. A patient spent almost a week in serious condition in intensive care with pneumonia, before, on the second attempt, he was nevertheless diagnosed with a new coronavirus in the Minsk “Troika” (3 CCH). Prior to that, he was in pulmonology, and the departments of anesthesiology contacted not only with colleagues, but also with patients from other departments. In fact, the entire hospital has now become second / third level contacts.

Minsk. In addition to the daily COVID-19 analyzes from all over the country, the laboratories of especially dangerous infections of the Republican Scientific Practical Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, also employees personally monitor the analyzes of the entire Belarusian elite and Lukashenko personally.

Minsk. Patients with “pneumonia” begin to be taken to the capital Oncology Center.

Minsk. April 4. The Minsk region began to carry first-level contacts to the sanatorium Belino, near Borisov. By April 4, it has already been filled to capacity.

Minsk. April 4. The Emergency Situations Commission of the Minsk City Executive Committee approved a plan of additional measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Minsk.

Minsk. April, 4. Letter from the Ministry of Health of Belarus, signed by the Chief Sanitary Doctor N.P. Zhukova, with recommendations “on taking measures to prevent COVID-19 infection” was sent “to government structures and organizations according to the list”.

Minsk. On April 4, 2020, the anarchist Ivan Krasovsky was detained in Minsk and taken to the Zaslavsky District Department of Internal Affairs. Previously, they accuse him of spreading extremism (for a harmless picture from a chat of Belarusian anarchists with a prosecutor at the trial of Emelyanov and Komar). A hard drive and a gopro camera were taken from the house of the young man. He should have been detained before the trial, which means – in prison. However, since high fever was revealed in the anarchist, they sent him home. We would like to note that in our practice for the first time a person with the temperature did not arreste before trial. For instance, the 17-year-old Vladislav Sharkovsky, who was detained on March 16, 2018 with a high temperature on charges of article 328 of the Criminal Code, was left without a doubt in a pre-trial detention center.

Minsk. April 4, 2020. The 10th hostel of the Belarusian State Medical University in Minsk was closed for strict quarantine because an ambulance picked up a student infected with coronavirus in the morning. All the week before, alarmed parents and medical students simply attacked the university administration with requests for a transition to distance learning, but to no avail. A confirmed case of coronavirus infection by a medical student living in the 4th hostel is also known. Thus, there are at least two infected medical students.

Minsk. April 4. A student suspected of coronavirus was taken from the hostel of the Minsk State Automotive College on Partisan Avenue. The next day, his roommate went to the hospital with a temperature above 39.

Minsk. On April 4, Alexander Lukashenko instructed the head of the Presidential Administration and the Secretary of State of the Security Council to involve military medics in the fight against coronavirus.

Minsk. April 4. Republican Hospital of the Department of Finance and Logistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. At least 3 cases of coronavirus infection, an employee of the pulmonology department was hospitalized.

Minsk. April 4. Minsk Automobile Plant. Three workers were hospitalized, the premises were treated with a disinfectant solution, and other employees continue to work without masks.

Minsk. April 4. Republican Clinical Hospital for the Disabled of Great Patriotic War. According to various sources, from 26 to 35 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were hospitalized. One of them returned from a business trip to the Vitebsk region, where he was before the order of Minister Karaev to restrict movement between the regions.

Minsk. April 4. City Clinical Emergency Hospital. A nurse who works in the pulmonology department was hospitalized. She is now in the Minsk City Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital.

Minsk. April 5, 2020. The City Clinical Dermatovenerologic Dispensary was redesigned to receive coronavirus patients.

Minsk. April 6, 2020. Five people from the “Atlant” Company plant in Minsk were taken to the hospital, in one confirmed coronavirus, he is currently in the infectious diseases hospital with bilateral pneumonia, and the coronavirus test has given a positive result. Other employees are in doubt. Another 17 people were sent to self-isolation.

Minsk. April 6, 2020. In emergency surgery of the 10th city clinical hospital, coronavirus pneumonia is now being treated, almost half are medical workers. On April 5, about 150 people were brought to the hospital and more than a hundred people were hospitalized. Doctors directly say: “Burn in hell, Mr. President!”

Minsk. April 6. Two masters of the Department of Chief Mechanic (DCM) of the “Atlant” plant are in the 10th city clinical hospital with a diagnosis of “pneumonia”. Third on sick leave. At least one has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Minsk. April 6, 2020. A teacher of kindergarten #455 (the “Zvyazda” newspaper avenue) in Minsk fell ill with COVID-19. In five children from kindergarten #455, a coronavirus test showed a positive result. The kindergarten is not closed to quarantine.

Minsk. April 6. April 6. 28-year-old Minsk resident Sergey published a document on social networks, which confirming the presence of coronavirus in him. Sergey is in the 10th capital city hospital.

Minsk. April 6. A person with suspected coronavirus was taken. Minsk, Serebryanka, Yakubova street, 6.

Minsk. On April 7, Honored Artist of Belarus, former vocalist of “Charaynitsy” and “Verasy” groups, 67-year-old singer and composer, Nadezhda Mikulich, is in the 6th hospital in Minsk with bilateral pneumonia and suspected coronavirus. The condition of the singer is severe. The singer’s husband feels bad, but he is currently at home. The singer reports that her former roommate in the 2nd hospital was also brought to the 6th hospital, a woman also has pneumonia and coronavirus. Now she is in the ward with another woman who was brought with pneumonia from the 3rd hospital, and with a retired grandmother with pneumonia and coronavirus, who was brought from the “Praleska” sanatorium at night.

Minsk. On April 7, two residents of Grodno were transported to Minsk with pneumonia and confirmed coronavirus.

Minsk. April 7, 2020. 11 employees of the central office of “BPS-Sberbank” are undergoing treatment for coronavirus in healthcare facilities and one employee of the head office has already died of pneumonia. The coronavirus is not indicated in the death certificate.

Minsk. On April 7, a 4-year student Liza Prokopchik was expelled from Minsk State Linguistic University for urging students to quarantine in March, although the university administration refused to impose quarantine. The official reason for expulsion is student absenteeism in March.

Minsk. April 7. Sources in the 10th hospital report that some of the patients were transferred to other healthcare facilities this night and morning, including outside of Minsk. They say that we are preparing for visit of WHO representatives, for whom they will create the necessary “picture”.


Borisov. March 17. Employees of the DСEС (the Department for Combating Economic Crimes) of the Borisov police department were sent almost completely to self-isolation. A week ago, a cadet came to the practice, in who later found Covid-19. Nobody was hospitalized in the hospital, although there were guys with fever and cough. There are no places in the hospital.

Borisov. On March 18, 14 people were hospitalized with suspected coronavirus for day.

Borisov. On April 7, Marina Sivchik, director of a secondary school in the village of Bolshaya Ukholoda, Borisov District, is now in the Borisov Hospital with COVID-19, after a rest in the “Praleska” sanatorium. In a ward, in addition to Marina Sivchik, there are two more women with a positive test for coronavirus. According to the woman, in the hospital there are patients with coronavirus and pneumonia, but she finds it difficult to tell how many of them. There are moderate, there are severe. Also in the hospital is another patient from the sanatorium “Praleska”.

MINSK REGION (Borovlyany)

Borovlyany. March 20. Employees of the Minsk Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary report that in a patient who arrived on Tuesday March 17 found coronavirus. The problem is that she was brought to Borovlyany with suspicion of pneumonia, and the doctors did not use additional protective equipment upon contact. Now all the medical staff are in quarantine, the extracts of the recovered have been canceled and yesterday from all took smears from the nose and mouth. Some doctors require that they be given leave at their own expense, since there are not enough protective equipment and it is impossible to work in such conditions.

Borovlyany. On April 1, the patient was hospitalized with pneumonia, he is in the cardiology department, and a coronavirus test is not taken from him.


Vileyka: to make a test for coronavirus, the patient must be taken to the neighboring city of Molodechno. To be hospitalized in Molodechno with an infection, must be taken to Borisov or Salihorsk (to the other end of the region). For some reason they are not being taken to Minsk (apparently, a ban). Advice to those who consider themselves from Minsk, but have registered in the region – decide where you will be ill.

(Unofficially) Comment from the forum: Did anyone understand why a woman from Ozero was taken today NOT to Minsk (40 km), but to Salihorsk (80 km) ???

Vileyka. March 30. The first case of coronavirus was recorded. Sick – a 62-year-old woman who goes to work in Minsk. Now she is in one of the capital hospitals, and 5 people from her family have been quarantined.

MINSK REGION (Novoye Pole, Minsk district)

Novoye Pole. On April 6, all employees of the local dispensary were removed from work. They were either sent to self-isolation, or hospitalized as contacts. Disinfection measures were carried out in the feldsher-midwife center on Friday. The source of infection was a local resident who had previously come with a request to check him for coronavirus, a test turned out to be positive. Hospital staff was removed from the dispensary two days after the man visit.

MINSK REGION (Mikhanovichi, Minsk district)

Mikhanovichi. March 17. An ambulance took a girl with suspected coronavirus. The girl was admitted to a hospital in Volozhin because there are no places in Minsk. She works in Minsk at “Euroopt” Shopping Center.

MINSK REGION (Aksakovschina). April 1, 2020. The Republican Clinical Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in Aksakovshchina near Minsk stopped accepting patients. The reason was coronavirus in one of the patients.


Stolbtsy. April 5. The central district hospital is filled with pneumonia patients, many people with symptoms of coronavirus are simply left at home.

Stolbtsy. On April 7, coronavirus was detected in a conductor of the car fleet #17 in Stolbtsy. She is now in intensive care in the hospital in Volozhin.

MINSK REGION (Dzerzhinsk)

Dzerzhinsk. April 5. Two people were taken with suspected coronovirus last night. Village Danilovichi, Dzerzhinsky district. A guy 25-years-old and his mother were taken.

MINSK REGION (Sanatorium “Praleska”)

“Praleska”. March 21. A 70-year-old guest of the “Praleska” sanatorium was taken to the 3rd hospital. The man was tested for coronavirus, a result was positive. Now the man is on the ventilator. The forecast is disappointing. X-ray showed unilateral pneumonia.

“Praleska”. March 21. In a 75-year-old woman, Minsk resident with bronchial asthma and her roommate health deteriorated and doctors diagnosed “pneumonia”. The coronavirus test was positive in both.

“Praleska”. On March 31, both women were taken to the infectious diseases hospital. Both are in serious condition.

“Praleska”. On April 2, an employee of the “Praleska” sanatorium in Zhdanovichi died. He was with pneumonia in a district hospital, after which he was transferred to the Minsk Infectious Disease Hospital, where people with a positive test for coronavirus are sent. The deceased Valery Sh. worked as an electrician and he lived in the suburbs. He was about 60 years old. On Friday, March 27, he was taken to the Minsk Central District Hospital in Borovlyany. On Wednesday, he was transferred to the city infectious diseases hospital, where he died. The man in the hospital lay for three days in the corridor of hospital, because there were no places in the wards.

“Praleska”. On April 5, a 70-year-old guest of the “Praleska” sanatorium died in the 3rd hospital in Minsk.

MINSK REGION (Smolevichi)

Smolevichi. April 1. Smolevichi Central District Hospital is being prepared for quarantine and receiving infected from other cities of the Minsk region. All five floors of the building, about 500 beds, have been freed. Due to the workload of Minsk hospitals and the Borisov infectious disease hospital, a secret “decree” came to send some patients from the Minsk region with suspected coronavirus to Smolevichi. A dormitory for doctors was made from the physiotherapy department on the ground floor.


Krasnaya Zvezda village, Kletsk district. April 1. In the evening, a woman who works in the hospital was taken by an ambulance and people in protective suits, her coronavirus test was confirmed. Her whole family was taken. Her house is being disinfected.

Kletsk. April 1. A medical team in protective suits took a man on Suvorov Street with suspected coronavirus.

MINSK REGION (Zhdanovichi)

Zhdanovichi. On April 7, there are two cases of pneumonia in the medical staff of the outpatient clinic in Zhdanovichi. Therapist and nurse who worked with her are in the hospital with pneumonia. Their relatives were also hospitalized. It all started with a disease in the family which called the local therapist to itself. The nurse was most likely infected by her colleague-doctor. One of the relatives, the patient was transferred to one of the hospitals in the Grodno region, because there was no free space in local institutions. In addition, residents of the Zhdanovichi who are sick with pneumonia are hospitalized in the Minsk district hospital in Borovlyany.

MINSK REGION (Kopyl district, Doktorovichi village)

Doktorovichi. On April 1, a 70-year-old English teacher Natalya Orlova died in the central district hospital of Kopyl. She was hospitalized on March 29 with suspected coronavirus. In addition to her, another 20 infected with coronavirus.

In the village of Doktorovichi, 8 people with an unspecified diagnosis were hospitalized in the Kopyl CRH, and three others are in intensive care with pulmonary edema, the focus of the disease is a local high school. In addition to the deceased, three more work in this educational institution or were in direct contact. All children who studied at school (about 60 students) were urgently taken to take tests.

According to clarify information, at least 4 children test for coronavirus showed a positive result. School Children in a hurry were already taken to one of the capital hospitals.

One of the milkmaids of the village of Doktorovichi was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Now the director of CAUE (Communal Agricultural Unitary Enterprise) “Doktorovichi“, his deputy, foreman and tractor drivers are in a military hospital in Minsk (the hospital for Great Patriotic War veterans). Coronavirus was confirmed in dispatcher. They are all contacts of the first level.

Interesting: in the Kopyl CRH itself, for doctors quickly “slipped” documents on non-disclosure of information. However, it did not stop them from divulging.

The chairman of the Kopyl district executive committee, Sergey Pilishchik, refuses to give information on whether coronavirus test has confirmed in any of the residents, how many people (first and second level contacts) are now in hospitals. He sends everyone to the Ministry of Health.

According to unofficial information in Kopyl there is only one Mechanical ventilator.

MINSK REGION (Starye Dorogi). A 50-year-old man died and, in conclusion, the cause of death indicated bilateral pneumonia. His wife was hospitalized too.

MINSK REGION (Maryina Gorka)

Maryina Gorka. March 22. Central district hospital. The nurses were ordered to make or buy a thousand masks at their own expense in the shortest possible time. Doctors are not given anything.

MINSK REGION (Slutsk). At least one man with suspected coronavirus was hospitalized here. According to our information, on April 6, he is in intensive care.

Slutsk. On April 4, a local entrepreneur gives out masks on which Alexander Lukashenko’s advice is embroidered on how to treat coronavirus. A tractor, an appeal to go to the bathhouse and a glass of vodka were embroidered on masks.

MINSK REGION (Nesvizh). At least one hospitalization. Details are unknown.

MINSK REGION (Salihorsk). Local hospitals are almost completely filled with pneumonia. Salihorsk is used as a hub for patients from other parts of the Minsk region, for example, from Molodechno.


Zhodino. April 1. The new therapeutic building of the Central City Hospital is freed to receive patients with pneumonia and coronavirus. Information from health workers.

MINSK REGION (Molodechno)

Molodechno. On March 18, 6 people were hospitalized with suspected coronavirus. There is a truck driver with signs of coronavirus who recently arrived from Spain in the Molodechno Central District Hospital. He lied to doctors, said that he came from the Russian Federation. On March 19, all the symptoms of coronavirus in his young child showed up. An ambulance took a mother and her child to Minsk.

Molodechno. March 25. A resident of Molodechno, who arrived from the UK, was hospitalized with coronavirus. Analyzes were taken from him at the National Airport, which confirmed coronavirus infection.

Molodechno. On March 27, in the vicinity of Lesnaya Street, an ambulance took someone with suspected of coronavirus.

MINSK REGION (Volozhin). On April 3, doctors in “spacesuits” brought people from Minsk and the Vitebsk region to the city in two buses at night. All of them are first level contacts.


Mogilev. March 17. An ambulance took people from Schmidt Street, 96.

In the Mogilev region on the morning of April 6, 16 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were registered. Over the past day, the disease was detected in 11 people. Of these, 10 are contacts of the first level, which were in medical institutions of the region. The diseased are two residents of Kirovsk and Bobruisk, who returned from work in Moscow. One is a Mogilev doctor who returned from studies in Vitebsk.


On the evening of March 19, 2020, unknown people tried to get into the apartment of the wife and son of the well-known human rights activist and blogger Oleg Zhelnov in Bobruisk. This was told by the neighbors. For half an hour, unknown people knocked on the door and even seemed to try to break open it, but then abandoned this idea. They did not leave any documents near the door or in the mailbox. The purpose of their visit remained unknown.

Bobruisk. On April 5, during a live broadcast on Bobruisk 360, the deputy chief physician of the BCH, Oksana Krupenich, said that there are seven patients with coronavirus infection in the infectious building of the BCH: 1 – from Bobruisk, 6 – residents of nearby districts. 379 people are under medical observation.

April 6. In Bobruisk, the disease was officially detected in 11 people. 10 of them are contacts of the first level, who were in medical institutions of the region. Also among the sick – a student who came from the Vitebsk region.


Mogilev. On April 4, doctors took away patients with coronavirus (in special boxes) in Mogilev at 16 Turov Street and neighboring houses. There is a video. Eyewitnesses claims that three ambulances arrived, a group in chemical protection. They hospitalized a whole family at once.

Mogilev. April 1. The order of the head of the Main Directorate of Health of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Alexander Starovoitov to completely release the Mogilev Hospital #1 for patients with coronavirus and pneumonia. Prior to this, in Mogilev, everyone was taken with temperature to the infectious diseases hospital and with pneumonia to the TB dispensary.

Mogilev. On April 2 and 3, patients from 14th department of Mogilev Hospital #1 were discharged or transferred to other facilities.

Separately, we note that the results of tests for coronavirus are not reported to people.

Mogilev. April 5. In Mogilev, ambulances took the residents of the city with coronavirus from several districts, including twice on Turov Street, as well as from one of the houses near the intersection of Krupskaya and Rizhskaya streets.


Osipovichi. April 5. Many people in the district hospital. Doctors cannot cope.


Krichev. On April 1, coronavirus was detected in a 33-year-old woman, Irina Zyleva, a pediatrician who works in a children’s clinic on Komsomolskaya Street, a resident of Krichev, who had previously gone on a business trip to Vitebsk. The woman was hospitalized in the Mogilev infectious diseases hospital.

Krichev. April 4. A resident of Krichev, Alexei Radchenko, was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “pneumonia”. First, he was in the Central District Hospital in Krichev, and then he was taken to the Mogilev Infectious Disease Hospital. Together with him, a therapist from Krichev was taken to the regional center.

MOGILEV REGION (Prisno 1 village). Died a man who was previously in Germany. Doctors forbade burying – they urgently cremated him, and a confidentiality guarantee was taken from relatives.

MOGILEV REGION (Chausy). A doctor from the local central hospital, who recently returned from a vacation in Egypt, fell ill. He was transported in a “capsule” to Mogilev. According to unconfirmed information, tests of two more doctors showed positive results.

According to unconfirmed information, 12 people with a diagnosis of COVID-19 are now in the intensive care unit of the Chausy district hospital.


Slavgorod. March 10, 2020. A man, about 40 years old, Andrei Vorobyov, died in Slavgorod. The official diagnosis is “pneumonia”. His body was taken to the center for research.

Slavgorod. On April 4, a woman whose son returned from work in Russia was hospitalized in the therapeutic department of a local hospital with pneumonia, and the coronavirus test was confirmed. Four doctors working on this shift, a barmaid, members of their families, two of whom are children, were hospitalized. An employee of the Slavgorod Central District Hospital confirmed information about the hospitalization of physicians who are awaiting tests.

There is information that this woman died from coronavirus. Her name is not known yet, the surname is Kuleshova, but it is known that her husband Vitaly Kuleshov is the director in a school in the village of Rekta. Her son who came from Russia infected the woman. Her son is currently on the run, he is wanted by law enforcement agencies.

Slavgorod. April 5. An X-ray doctor is in the hospital with suspected coronavirus.

Slavgorod. On April 6, two unknown nurses and one nurse from the treatment department Vera Gutova were hospitalized in the Central Regional Hospital of the city of Slavgorod and the test for coronavirus was positive.

Another seven people who work at the butter-cheese plant were hospitalized with coronavirus. A nurse infected them.

However, truck drivers who returning from Russia in Slavgorod are not sent to self-isolation.

Information is being updated.