Starting from August 2020, the lion’s share of the budget and credit funds of the treasury of Belarus is spent only for one purpose: maintaining the power of dictator Lukashenko.

Belarusian government could spend money on payments to socially vulnerable citizens, assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, improvement of housing conditions for large families, modernization of production facilities. Instead of this, hundreds of thousands were spent on payments to security forces for violence against the people (from 600 rubles a day), transport and equipment for dispersing peaceful protests, encouraging “officers”, expensive repairs of foreign cars of the Interior Ministry fleet, etc.…
Today we want to tell you about the terrible state of production in Belarus and point out some particularly egregious examples.

The abnormal heatwave that hit Belarus in the summer of 2021 particularly hurt the workers of factories, factories and other industries, as well as the workers of the agricultural sector. Workers complain about the unbearable conditions at their workplaces. Technical temperature and increased humidity from working machines and mechanisms are added to the natural cataclysm, turning labour into a hellish ordeal.

The modernization of workplaces aimed at the comfort of employees of enterprises is one of the first significant aspects that will need to be paid attention to after our Victory.

Nuclear project

It is impossible to ignore the most important and most dangerous dictator’s project – the Belarusian NPP. This technogenic monster has driven Belarus into debt for $ 10 billion. Belarusian NPP is the dictator’s personal “pride” and toy, which has stopped seven times since its first launch in August 2020.
From independent sources, “Our House” knows that during its construction, the dictatorship used the work of illegal immigrants from China, the slave labour of OTC prisoners. The deaths were massive. Chinese citizens were sent to nameless graves, and the unfortunate prisoners of the regime were “written off” with the help of forgery of documents.

Independent experts and journalists do not yet have access to the technical documentation of the NPP and accounting documents. Already today, it can be concluded that money was stolen at the production of the Belarusian NPP. The “industrial giant”, which has not yet brought a penny to the budget of Belarus, may explode like the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

“Security?” No, we haven’t heard…

A blood-red thread runs through all the industrial accidents that have occurred in Belarus. It is often criminally neglected, which entails human casualties. We want to remind you of some cases, the place of which is in the works of Stephen King.

On June 22, an explosion occurred at the enterprise “FanDOK” in the chipboard production shop in Bobruisk. One person was admitted to the hospital with burns. Among the other victims are two women who were thrown away by the blast wave. After the explosion, a fire started. In any civilized country, the entire press would be hysterically shouting about such a thing. The leadership that allowed this would go to prison for many years. But Lukashenka’s media talk about “success in the sowing campaign”, “official visits”, “enemies from the West”, and, of course, “stability”. We have not heard about the criminal cases opened in connection with this state of emergency.

On June 23, 2021, a worker was dragged into a conveyor in the Bereza district. The man was killed. A fifty-year-old man was carrying out work on transporting grain from the silo premises. At some point, the worker’s feet got caught in a metal spiral, and he was pulled into the conveyor. It could be possible to avoid this death if the company’s management had taken care of safety. In civilized countries, special sensors that automatically stop the machine are installed. But this system either “saves” or steals. And simple workers pay for it with their lives.

On June 29, 2021, a panel weighing 2.5 tons fell on a worker born in 1989 at the Plant of Automatic Lines in Minsk. The man died. Such an element can’t just “fall” like that. The IK, as always, excused itself by saying that it “conducts a check”, but it will not give its own in this system. There could be only two reasons: a malfunction of the lifting mechanism or a broken fastener. Both fall under the criminal article “Negligence” with aggravating factors. Outsiders and inexperienced people are not allowed to manipulate such elements, so the guilt of the deceased, in our opinion, is excluded.

On July 8, an oil warehouse caught fire on the territory of the Minsk Automobile Plant. The column of smoke was visible for several kilometres. Why was there no fire extinguishing system installed in the warehouse at the factory, the pride of Belarus, famous all over the planet?

On the night of July 16, 2021, a 46-year-old man in Zhodino received burns to 15% of his body. It happened in the foundry of the enterprise for processing scrap and metal waste “BelTOR-Elite”. The private enterprise “optimized costs”, and the competent authorities were in no hurry to check there (no one cancelled nepotism and corruption). As a result, an injury to the employee.
The illegitimate authorities will have to answer not only for mass repressions, murders, forgeries and falsifications. Everyone involved in injuries and deaths of people in production will sit in the dock.

News from the fields

Since the beginning of July, there has been another giant of Belarus – the Minsk Tractor Plant. According to numerous reports from alternative sources, coke was not delivered to the plant on time, and the metal smelting process is impossible without it. The director threatens the heads of shops with dismissals. Meanwhile, the plant continues to stand. Great news for all Lukashenka fans, who are sure that our stability is not afraid of any sanctions!

While MTP is paralyzed by stability, there is a shortage of more than 1,500 combines for the harvesting campaign. To somehow “reanimate” a few extra pieces of equipment, machine operators on the ground remove spare parts from those cars that can no longer be put “on the move”. However, it is by no means safe to work on such a technique. In many farms, tractor drivers and combine harvesters are forced to buy parts for cars for their own money so that they can go out into the fields and earn at least a little.

Once again, we sum up the disappointing results of what is happening. As long as Lukashenka and his numerous voracious retinue are in power, there can be no talk of any improvements in the production facilities and fields. The system devours even those few crumbs that come to the budget at the expense of people’s sweat and blood. As long as this power remains, the equipment will rot, and the people will suffer and die in the workplace. The sanctions are doing their job, sending the Belarusian economy to the bottom. Starting from July 27, car fuel will rise in price again, and food prices in dictator-controlled stores are rising almost weekly.

ICCI “Our House” calls on every sane and freedom-loving Belarusian to accelerate the system collapse by legal methods. Refuse to work in writing, demanding to approve your appeals and enter them in the journal. By fighting for your rights, you are bringing the collapse of the system and our Victory closer!