The dictator’s regime has a new and unusual tradition of regularly recognising the same people or their social networks and media resources as extremists, terrorists and extremist formations. The goals that are pursued might be either to scare the away citizens from subscribing to channels of other active citizens or to make the latter stop their media activity. In either case, the aim might be to silence everyone.

However, if we closely follow the recent changes in the Belarusian legislation, perhaps the reason is even more “interesting”. After all, the regime has adopted several articles of the Criminal Code, enlarging the list of the offenses punishable by death. Most probably, declaring everybody extremists or terrorist wil take another round. Particularly “dangerous criminals”, courageous enough to express openly their civic stance, will now face not years of imprisonment, but death penalty. As all dictatorships in history, the regime is demanding more and more blood of dissenters to survive.

On June 10, several Telegram and YouTube channels were again declared “extremist materials” by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Central district of Minsk. The youtube channel “Olga Karach” and the telegram channel “Olga Karach” were added to the list.

And just a month ago, the entire “Our House” was declared an extremist formation. So, we’ve made an attempt to put together the whole story of how the head of the ICCI “Our House” Olga Karach and “Our House” itself – let’s not shy away from that word – were recognized as heroes of the revolution, as our friends and subscribers believe nothing else is such a high recognition of one’s contribution to the fight for democracy in Belarus as being declared extremist or terrorist by Lukashenka.

Despite the irony of the situation, one cannot ignore the fact that all citizens who were declared extremists or terrorists, all their media resources and social networks must be exonerated after the fall of Lukashenko’s regime. Officially and in accordance with the letter of the law. Restoring justice is a long way, but we will definitely pursue it!