Today, Our House together with the Lithuanian food bank “Maisto bankas” have distributed over 7200 kg of food to the Belarusian refugees in Lithuania. First of all, our joint efforts are directed to Belarusian asylum seekers who do not have a right to legally work in Lithuania and do not get a sufficient and systematic support to be able to provide food for themselves.

Of course, as always, Belarusian women and children refugees are in the spotlight, especially those who have no men in the family, as if Belarusian men are somewhat able to find a job in Lithuania, women are in a drastic situation.

According to the official statistics, only 12% of Belarusians who have found a legal employment in Lithuania today, are women. According to the employment center, 88% of the employed Belarusians are men under 37. All other categories of Belarusian migrants in Lithuania find themselves in a hard financial situation.

Our House and Maisto Bankas help Belarusian refugees in Lithuania to avoid hunger.

Here’s a photo report about our work together: