There are still people among Belarusians and Ukrainians who can’t sit at home on Sundays

On 8 January the art club Skrynja and the human rights center Our House held the first class of the year in meditative painting. The program for both children and adults included drawing in intuitive graphics styles doodling and Zentangle. Those who didn’t want to follow the traditions of the genre simply took watercolor paper, poured water on it and dabbed it with a brush to make extraterrestrial strokes, which were then highlighted with pens and markers. I wish I could avoid pathos, but I can’t. Fairy-tale forests and paradise gardens, strange buildings and other extraterrestrial objects literally came to life under the painters’ hands.

The classes are free of charge. Moreover, thanks to Maisto Bankas, the drawing and chatting ones were stocked with biscuits and cakes for tea. The small participants, in turn, received a whole bag of soft toys sent by the German human rights organization IGFM. The children were able to choose their own gifts and take them home as a reminder of a happy day.

Apart from drawing, today at Our House you could dream about the future of Belarus and Ukraine together with Olga Karach who happened to come by, talk about the planned advocacy campaigns of Our House, as well as discuss current issues.

It was fun and heartwarming.