Earthquake, war, dictatorship… These are all equal sources of human suffering. Our House and IGFM come to the help of people who suffer. Our House collected aid, including that donated by IGFM, for those affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

We have experienced twice in one day how often war can affect the routes of volunteers and change them. The cargo thoughtfully collected at Our House for the Odessa residents from the humanitarian delivery by IGFM managed to reach only the equally needy city of Bucha. And dozens of boxes with warm clothes for the earthquake victims of Syria could only be delivered to Turkey for both the Turks and the Syrians who were left without a roof over their heads and, in the literal sense, without sustainable soil underfoot.

Everyone understand what has happened to Ukrainian roads: unfortunately, the second year of the war is under way… As for the obstacles that prevented us to deliver help directly to Syria, this is what a Syrian volunteer Alhas says:

– It is sad that we could not be sent to the affected Northern Syria. After all, that’s where the people who migrated because of Russian bombing settled down. There are so many of ones. They are without money. They left or lost their homes. That earthquake has exacerbated their suffering… Even the rescue teams couldn’t get to them for the first three days because they were trapped by the regime. The same dictatorial regime as in Belarus, where no one wants to think about people and everyone just holds on to power.

Thanks to the Turkish Embassy in Vilnius, they gave a plane that delivered all the collected aid. Warm clothes, mattresses – it’s all so important for people left without shelter, in the open air. Thank you to Our House. I know that the organization’s volunteers worked for three days to collect warm clothes for our victims. Now I know that Belarusians are generous people who help others. Despite your own pain and living in a foreign country, you found the strength to help us.

I myself lost my home in Syria. Russian warplanes killed people there too, helping the bloody regime. My house was also destroyed. This photo shows all that’s left of it. Over a million people were killed in my country then. We share the same pain. I wish security for the Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples and thank all those who rushed to our aid and found the strength to help us.