Many Belarusians had to leave the country quickly, even without the suitcase. They saw the police near the house, took documents, children and some essential things – and ran to the first bus. Therefore, charity organizations for Belarusians abroad collect also clothes, shoes, and hygiene items. In December, a group of friends from Bremen decided to support the repressed with the necessary things. 

After reading the posts about Belarusians needing the clothes, one woman – a resident of Bremen wrote to her colleagues and friends and asked if they had any clothes they didn’t wear. The grandchildren of the woman by bikes went around the households to pick  up the prepared things. And already at home, the woman and her sons with their families packed clothes in parcels.

In January 2021, 60 boxes of humanitarian aid arrived in Vilnius from Bremen. Employees of the logistics company F. W. Neukirch did it for free. By the way, this company involved in charity work -– its manager Sven Bley writes about this on his Instagram. For example, in January, he offered to support the organization “Terre des Hommes Deutschland e.V.”, which helps children. And in September, the company helped to transfer some aids to the animal shelter.

It was in time because many Belarusian families left the country only with documents in the Lithuanian capital. Arranging life in a new place, they have to think about what to dress, where to get money and buy essentials. Thanks to German humanitarian aid, issues with clothing are solved.

ICCI “Our Home” and relocators want to give sincere thanks to all people, who did not meagre time and money, who helped to collect aids and to transfer it to Vilnius. We appreciate the solidarity of our German friends who also wand to democracy win in Belarus.

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