Special services of any country complain of the personnel crisis at every turn.  Allegedly, the allocated budgets are not huge enough for them to employ real professionals in their field, so they are constrained to take the first ones who come along. Honestly speaking, we have always believed that was their way to get additional financing.  However, the today’s events have made it very clear to us: the personnel crisis in the special services really does exists, and it is indeed highly severe.

So, what has happened? Another email has popped up, the second one in a day, designated to compromise the reputation of Olga Karach. This time it arrived from a fake email address of the Terror Battalion: it is a formation of Belarusian volunteers fighting for Ukraine and defending the Ukrainian people from the Russian aggression. By the way, the Terror Battalion is considered to be one of the most effective combat formations on the front line, those guys are real heroes.

The false email sent to the addresses of the Lithuanian parliamentarians allegedly “on behalf of” the Terror Battalion contains the demand to withdraw the decision to deny political asylum to Olga Karach in Lithuania. According to the email, the Terror representatives threaten the Lithuanian MPs and their families with physical violence, if they do not comply.

The funny thing is, the false “Terror” refers to Olga Karach in the email as “our leader”, even though Olga herself and the creators of the battalion are direct political opponents, who have publicly criticized each other multiple times. Although, frankly speaking, Olga feels somewhat flattered that the unknown fake news mongers have “appointed” her to the post of the leader of the Terror Battalion, however, it’s not true… Also, in general, that “anonymous letter” has been executed in such an awkward manner and in such a primitive language, that we can only feel sorry for the school teachers of the creators of that fake.

So, it’s been the second fake news about Olga Karach and Our House in one day. Frankly speaking, if you think that sooner or later quantity turns into a higher quality, this is not the case. Quite the opposite: the new fake is even more stupid and clumsy than the previous one. So, everyone who is familiar with the situation and follows it can see at once: Olga Karach is being harassed, and the harassment is done by not so clever people.

Our House