Some users who send insults to others under an account with the name “Cheshki Kuklavod” (the same nickname has Olga Karach in this messenger) regularly appear in Telegram chats. Both security forces and protesters fall under their provocations. One of the authors of these degrading honour and dignity messages was recently found.

The Hrodna interdistrict department of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of comments in Telegram in winter. They were interested in one user who sent comments that insulted law enforcement officers. After the investigation, it turned out that the offensive messages addressed to the security forces were written by a man born in 1980. This man does not have a permanent residence in Belarus.

In Telegram chats, he sent comments under the nickname “Cheshki kuklavod” being on the territory of Russia, where he has a residence permit. The prosecutor of Hrodna approved his detention. The case was transferred to the department of the Investigative Committee for the Hrodna region.

ICCI “Our House” calls not to be led on provocations from Internet provokers, and also not to rush with accusations to someone else’s address. It may well turn out that a provocateur writes to you, whose goal is to divide Belarusians and humiliate the political leaders of the opposition, and therefore play in favour of Lukashenko.