These days Ukraine is demanding help more than ever: refugees fleeing the war are leaving for several European countries, and those abroad are taking responsibility for those who arrived and those who stayed behind to fight for their country’s freedom. “Our House”, as a human rights organisation opposing Putin’s dictatorship in Belarus and Ukraine, could not but join the fight. We have already told how our activists are collecting humanitarian aid and bringing it to the border, how they take care of the evacuation of Belarusians repressed by the Lukashenko regime from Ukraine. But that’s not all we’re doing these days…

On February 28, Olga Karach had time to contact the Latvian Saeima and thank it for support and timely reaction to the situation in Ukraine. Like many European countries, Latvia is ready to accept refugees and help them. Latvia has also lifted the ban on military action in another country for its citizens. Now residents of the republic can come to Ukraine and fight on its side. In addition, as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, the Riga arena was painted the colour of the Ukrainian flag today.

Many Belarusians want to fight for Ukraine and fight against Russian occupying forces, but they have no combat experience. That is why Olga Karach appealed to the head of the parliamentary commission on defence, internal affairs and anti-corruption in Latvia, Juris Rantsans. She asked to make a corresponding amendment to the Latvian legislation and allow the Belarusians, who have received political asylum in Latvia and, consequently, a permanent residence permit, to perform military service voluntarily after registration in the National Armed Forces reserve. Moreover, in this case, the Belarusians will be able to help Latvia, which is regularly threatened with war by Lukashenko.

Refugees on the Ukrainian border and Ukrainians in cities need food. Many settlements have been cut off due to the bridges blowing up, and people have to starve. There is also an acute need for medicines, as pharmacies are not easy to reach for Ukrainians. And there are no pharmacies on the border. That’s why Olga Karach applied to the networks of big supermarkets in Lithuania with the request to allow the supply of carts to collect food in hypermarkets for Belarusian and Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania and to pharmacies to collect medicines for Belarusian and Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania.

We are grateful to all politicians, MPs and public figures who are ready to help Ukraine in its distress. And, of course, we will be happy if our plans and requests are heard and become a reality. This way, the countries of Europe will show real solidarity, and citizens of Ukraine will know that not all Belarusians see them as enemies. We will continue to work so that the Putin and Lukashenko regimes collapse as soon as possible, making way for peace and democracy.