On March, 19, the campaign “Write a letter to the front” was launched in Warsaw and immediately picked up by the Belarusians in Vilnius.

During the day, people came to St. Alexander’s Church to write letters to the warriors fighting for our common freedom! The event in Warsaw was organised by ICCI “Our House”, the DAR Initiative and the Russian Protest Diaspora. Some of the letters were already handed over to a volunteer who goes to war – he will give them to the guys from the Kalinouski Battalion.


Olga Karatch, head of ICCI “Our House”, asked everyone in her social networks to make it compulsory – because it is now no less important than helping with food and medicine! If each of us writes at least a small letter, it will be the best moral support for the soldiers.


The humanitarian aid warehouse POBACH.WARSAW for repressed Belarusians, organized by the International Foundation for Human Rights “Our House” and the DAR Initiative, started its work in November 2021. From February 24, 2022, the volunteers of the depot immediately started to actively help Ukraine because of the beginning of military aggression on the part of the Russian Federation. You can subscribe to the warehouse’s channel by clicking here or join the warehouse’s chat room.

Warehouse POBACH.VILNIUS is based in the office of ICCI “Our House” and, from February 24, actively engaged in collecting aid for Ukraine. Here we support all refugees fleeing from the war today. You can join the warehouse chat room by clicking here.

We constantly publish the results of our work together with many friends and partners on our website. A special thank you from the entire ICGI “Our House” team goes to the German organisation International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), which also supported the “Write a letter to the front!”