On August 14, 2022, a truck with humanitarian deliveries from the German human rights organization IGFM arrived to Vilnius carrying 15 tons of different humanitarian goods: from medical supplies to furniture and bedsheets.

Since last year, IGFM have sent over 100 tons of humanitarian deliveries to Our House, and our volunteers have distributed it among Ukrainian and Belarusian refugees. In the most direct sense, by providing free goods to people, IGFM is saving them also from heavy depression and panic attacks: when people who run away, arrive to Vilnius, they have minimum of personal belongings and start their lives literally from zero: with no job, no socialization, no money, etc. The humanitarian deposit of Our House is open for every refugee who needs help.

We are very grateful to IGFM for their systematic support of Belarusian and Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania. Here is our photo report about the arrival of the humanitarian truck.